The Olive Stack Gallery  is located in the heart of the historic heritage town of Listowel, Co Kerry, Ireland.

Listowel was awarded the title of Tidiest Town in Ireland in 2018 and Tidiest Small Town in Ireland in 2015, 2016 & 2018.

The ‘Artist in Residence’ programme at Olive Stack Gallery was established by Olive in 2015. International Artists who wish to explore the landscape and culture of Ireland are invited to apply for a residency at the Gallery. The residency is intended for professional visual artists and is fully booked until 2023

“This is possibly the finest gift I have ever been given as an artist. I will be going back. Without a doubt.” Emily Andress Artist in Residence – Olive Stack Gallery Aug 2015

“My month in Ireland not only introduced me to a land of striking natural beauty but showed me that genuine and true people do exist. My perspective and soul will never be the same.” Pamela Goode  Artist in Residence June 2016