Anabella Wewer

A graphic designer by profession, and a native of Caracas, Venezuela, Anabella is an internationally exhibited mosaic artist and passionate metalsmith. After discovering mosaics as fine art during a trip to the Vatican in 2004, she started taking mosaic classes in the United States, but quickly made the decision to train mainly in Italy. Her love with mosaics started with micro-mosaics, but she is best know for her detailed colour gradations and intricate andamento work. An award-winning mosaicist, Anabella has been teaching live and online courses since 2016, having translated for and assisted a few world-renowned masters for a few years before then. In love with unusual materials and processes, her work is rooted in a sense of place and time, with a distinctive graphic feel that often incorporates type and her love of maps and fossils. Her love of materials and history inform her work and push her to explore new territory grounded in time-proven rules and principles. “When I put hand to metal or stone, I aim to bring the viewer or wearer into a narrative, to provide questions to consider. I am intrigued by frozen moments in time; I like to imagine what came before and what follows. Place and time, their changing and their passing, and trying to capture their impermanence is my main artistic directive,” says Anabella of both her jewelry and mosaic work. Her native languages are Spanish and Portuguese, and she also speaks English and Italian. She lives in Macungie, Pennsylvania, United States.