All the paintings on this page are sold

Everlasting Summer
Silver Springs
The Wall Flower
Purple Pansy Painting
Regal Pansy
Nasturtium Stained Glass Mosaic
Intertwined I
Intertwined II
A Welcome Visitor
A Welcome Visitor
The Artist’s Studio
Irish Mist
Rainy Day Verbena
Verbena Haze
Daisies Watercolor Mosaic
Poppy Winked
Sweet Treats
Pat’s Lace Cap
Vintage Perfume
Sultry Ladies
Pike Pink Perfume
Roses of Kerry
Nellie’s Perfumery
Key Gardens
Last Rose of Summer
Primrose Blue
Primsoses Painting
Honeysuckle Encaustic Painting
Mary’s Gilded Iris


Iris Silver Edge


Pink Peony Painting
Pike Pink Peony
Fuchsia Oil Painting
Roadside Ceili
Fuchsia Encaustic Painting
Happy Dance
Fancy Pants
Summer Reel - Sold
Summer Reel
That Summer in Kerry – Encaustic
On the Fence
Agapanthus Oil Painting
Encaustic purple blooms
Summer Blooms
Shades of Autumn
Autumn Trees Encaustic
Autumn Ash Grove
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea
Limited Edition Prints Available 


A Right Pair of Lemons
Limited Edition Prints Available
Paint Shop
Jumping Jacks
Sister and Brother Oil on Panel Sold
Sister and Brother
Limited Edition Prints Available
A Little Girls Shoes
Those were the Days