Art & Food – Allos Bistro

An exhibition by International visual artists, all of whom have been artists in residence at Olive Stack Gallery Listowel.

Exhibition Opening and Dinner: Allos Bistro


John B

by Lillie Morris (USA)

Collage on Panel





Horology versus Psychology

by Alastair Dickson (Canada)

Found Object Sxulpture








Bali Mandala

by Deb Also (USA)





by Jonathan Grauel (USA)

Digitally finger painted on iPad







The Fourth Irish Connection

by Jeannot Lennen (Belgium)

Smalti, Millefiori,Ceramic, & China





Leaving Listowel

by Jean Cauthen (USA)

Oil on Panel



St Mary’s Tree

by Diane Pike (USA)

Oil on Panel





Blue Bird Circle

By Amy Hart (USA)

Found Object Sculpture







by Heather Vollans  (Canada)






Circle Vase

by Kirsten Jonas (Germany)

Stained Glass, Antique Glass, Millefiori & Wire