Artist Residency

Artist Residency, Art Retreat, Artist in Residence, Art Travel IrelandThe Olive Stack Gallery Artist’s Residency is a cooperative programme introduced in 2015. Since then the gallery has received applications from established and emerging visual artists from around he world. Including artists from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Malawi, Netherlands, Serbia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey and the USA. All eager to share the experience that others have had in Listowel.

Visual Artists may apply for a one or two-month residency, ideally shared by two artists. This allows both time and creative space for making art in exchange for minding the gallery. The exchange, offers artist Olive Stack the freedom to work in her home studio. At the same time the studio and residence above the gallery provide a similar exceptional experience for visiting artists.

The residency continues to forge connections across continents and creative genres. Building new bodies of work illuminating the beauty of Listowel and its people. The ensuing results have been expansive and surprising. Artists have made fast and enduring friendships in the heritage town of Listowel. The residency continues to enrich both locals and visitors. As a result Listowel is fast becoming a favourite destination for international artists and culturally curious visitors!

Applications for residencies in 2020 are now open.


Now accepting Application Forms for 2020 Artists Residencies. Closing Date February 10th

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For further insight and to read about the experience of the current artist in residence follow the Olive Stack Gallery residency blog ‘Excira and Delira’