The Olive Stack Gallery (established in 1998) is located in the heart of the historic heritage town Know? of Listowel, Co Kerry. Olive is a graduate of the Limerick School of Art & Design. Many of Olive’s paintings are strongly influenced by the vernacular architecture and landscape of her native Kerry and beyond. Olive works in various media including Oil, Watercolour, Encaustic and Mosaic, she has exhibited in Ireland, UK, USA and Canada.

Olive Teaches both Painting & Mosaic, workshops and evening classes are scheduled regularly.

The ‘Artist in Residence’ program at Olive Stack Gallery is a new and exciting initiative. International Artists who wish to explore the landscape and culture of Ireland are invited to apply for a residency at the Gallery. The residency aims to provide artists with the time and studio space to concentrate on their work and develop new ideas, in a comfortable environment and established gallery. The residency is intended for professional painters and mosaic artists and is fully booked until 2017. “This is possibly the finest gift I have ever been given as an artist. I will be going back. Without a doubt.” Emily Andress (Artist in Residence at Olive Stack Gallery Aug 2015)

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