We are honoured once again to have acclaimed international artists, offering a host of  diverse workshops at Listowel Visual Arts Week.

Perhaps it’s time to delve into a new medium or rediscover the joy of returning to a skill left untapped. What better opportunity than to take a class from a Master!

Class sizes are intentionally small, ensuring maximum one to one time with each participant.  Booking  and Cancellation Policy

‘Ars longa, vita brevis’ – Hippocrates

Classical Andamento in Modern Mosaic/The language of mosaic

Instructor:    Anabella Wewer
Dates:              Mon 15th & Tues 16th June
Time:               9:30am – 5:30pm daily
Fee:                  €300 (inc materials)
Level:              All Levels
Spaces:           12
Venue:            TBD
Description: During the first session you will study the principles of andamento and learn how to apply the classical rules to modern mosaics. The second session delves into advanced topics in andamento: you will learn how to stretch and bend the principles of andamento to achieve different looks and textures, understand how to apply andamento in different situations, and investigate how to create narrative through variations in andamento. We will be working on temporary substrates and creating exercises, not a finished mosaic, though students are free to work on a composition.

Tools List: Nippers

One-of-kind Necklace – Choice of three styles

Instructor:    Joan Schwartz
Dates:              Wed 17th June
Time:               9:30 – 5:30 pm
Fee:                   €125 (includes materials)
Level:              All Levels
Spaces:          12
Venue:            TBD
Description: You will be creating a necklace by choosing one of 3 styles
that I will provide for you. This one-of-a-kind custom piece
will be yours and yours alone. You will be able to complete
this necklace in the time provided.
I will bring as many materials as I can carry for your use.
Tools, adhesives, and more, will be available for loan.
My easy techniques makes this a fun and unique workshop.
Bring an apron, a pad of paper & pen for notes,
eye glasses or safety glasses, camera or smart
phone if available.
If you have any tiny buttons, broken jewelry or broken
china that you would like to incorporate into your
necklace, please bring them.
Most importantly, bring your sense of humour and
willingness to laugh and have fun while creating your own
unique necklace.

Capturing the beauty of Listowel in colour

Instructor:    Diane Pike
Date:                 Wed 17th June
Time:                9:30 – 11:30 am
Fee:                   €35
Level:              Beginners – Intermediate
Spaces:          12
Venue:            TBD
Description: Plein Air painting focusing on how to simplify the landscape. Diane will offer instruction on how to do quick sketches and how to use the sketches to begin a painting. Diane will demonstrate and participants are free to watch or paint along with her.



Exploring Abstraction

Instructor:    Lillie Morris
Date:                Wed 17th June
Time:              12:30 – 5:30 pm
Fee:                  €100
Level:              All Levels
Spaces:          12
Venue:            TBD
Description: This one day workshop will include demonstrations and individual practice – encouraging you to let go of traditional visual references and subject matter.
Develop your own visual language and improve your understanding of the principles of abstract painting through experimentation. To compliment your learning, there will be references to contemporary and historical examples of abstract art and abstract artists.
Topics Covered

  • Elements of Composition 
  • Mark-making and intuitive drawing 
  • Paint application/manipulation & color
  • Texture, layering & collage 
  • Reworking

This course is designed for painters wishing to experiment with themes of abstract art, although it would also be suitable for beginners eager to experiment with abstraction & expressionism.

Mosaic Workshop: Rendering Real & Flippin’ Unglued

Instructor:    John Sollinger (Solly)
Date:                Thurs 18th to Sat 20th June
Time:               9:30 – 5:30 pm daily
Fee:                  € 450  (includes all materials)
Level:              All Levels
Spaces:          12
Venue:            TBD
Description: Learn to mosaic like no one else. Emphasis in this 3 day workshop will be on a double reverse technique whereby all glass pieces are placed dry onto an underlying image, flipped over, adhered to its substrate, and then flipped back to its original orientation. Solly will share how he chooses and image, and time will be set side during lunch (on own) or other breaks to demonstrate the double flip procedure and provide interns opportunity to practice his techniques and experience no stakes mistakes. As time allows, Solly will entertain discussions on achieving realism. Open to all skill levels, from beginner to old hat.
Each participant will make one 12 x 12 inch (30.5 x 30.5 cm) stained glass mosaic that is suitable for indoor hanging. There will be a choice of two images (photograph and painting) to render into a mosaic. Materials such as glass, adhesive, substrates and hanging hardware are provided) Non-beginners are encouraged to bring their own photos (abstracts work great) of size no larger than 9.25 inches (23.5 cm) in either direction AND glass that may not be offered.

About Solly and more

The Joy of Pastel Pencils

Instructor:    Emily Andress
Date:                Thurs 18th June
Time:               9:30 – 12 pm 
Fee:                  €50 (includes materials)
Skill Level:   All Levels
Spaces:          10
Venue:            TBD
Students will learn how to use pastel pencils on sanded pastel paper to create anything their heart’s desire. Whether creating a landscape, still life, or figure, this class is for those who want to learn to build color utilizing undersketching techniques.




Capturing the beauty of Listowel in colour

Instructor:      Diane Pike
Date:                  Thurs 18th June
Time:                 1:00 – 3:00 am
Fee:                    € 35
Level:                All Levels
Spaces             12
Venue:             TBD
Description: Plein Air painting focusing on how to simplify the landscape. Diane will offer instruction on how to do quick sketches and how to use the sketches to begin a painting. Diane will demonstrate and participants are free to watch or paint along with her.  Diane will offer advanced instructions for second day participants.

Rendering architecture in paint and collage

Instructor:    Brendan Campbell
Date:                 Fri 19th June
Time:               9:30 – 4:30 pm 
Fee:                   €80
Skill Level:    Beginners to Advanced
Spaces:           10
Venue:            TBD
Description: This workshop is aimed at those who have an interest in painting buildings and architecture; however it is also suitable for people who are relatively new to art, and who would like to experiment with expressive and individual methods of working. In this one day workshop participants will learn how to create dynamic and exciting images related to the built environment. Areas covered will include composition, colour mixing, collaged surface effects and impasto, and the development of a personal expressive approach.

About Brendan Campbell and more.


Paint the Pantry

Instructor:Jean Cauthen
Date:             Fri 19th June
Time:            9:30 – 12 pm
Fee:               €50 (includes materials)
Skill Level: Beginners to Advanced
Spaces:       10
Venue:        TBD
Description: Jean learned long ago through her own artist’s journey that a wonderful route to learning to paint (or painting better) is to work with simple objects as subject matter.  Once those principles are learned, we can apply them to any subject from still life to landscape.
This is the perfect class for the near beginner or more advanced painter who wants to loosen up and explore the expressive potential of your paint brush!
While covering the basics of painting (“What exactly is a Medium?” and “How do I even START a painting?” ), Jean offers a fun and relaxed atmosphere for honing your skills as a painter. 
Complete a small everyday object painting with a step by step approach that will stay with you long after the paint is dry!
Jean is known for her positive approach to learning and an ability to reach students whatever their current level of skill.
All supplies are included, just be sure to bring a good ole’ sense of fun!


 Feel more confident in your understanding of

         Colour mixing
         Blocking In
         Expressive brushwork
         Making vibrant colour choices

About the Artist Jean Cauthen

Instructor:    Laura McRae Hitchcock
Fee:                  €55 (includes materials)
Skill Level:   Beginners to Advanced
Spaces:          10
Date:                Fri 19th June
Time:               2 – 5 pm 
Venue:            TBD
Description: We will spend three lovely hours diving into how to mix the exact colours you want, and how to then use those colors with sophistication and ease. Muddy colors no more! (unless you want them!) We’ll explore how to use neutrals, saturated colour, tints and more.

Supply list:
Acrylic paints: (if you don’t have these exact colors, that’s fine. We just need a cool and warm
for each primary.)
Ultramarine Blue
Phthalo Blue
Alizarine Red
Cadmium Red
Lemon Yellow
Cadmium Yellow
Titanium White
Ivory Black
1 Flat paintbrush #2
1 Round paintbrush #2