Supply List – Mosaic River of Smalti

Supply List: Workshop fee includes materials such as smalti, substrate, glue and pigments, as well as the use of spatulas and tweezers.  Students are encouraged to bring in their own MONTOLIT nippers and the occasional hammer (only if they own one already).


Students should be prepared to work with smalti in the direct method.  Previous experience with mosaic is not required.  Those who know least, learn most.
A royal amount of materials will be provided (enough to finish your project) but you are welcome to bring colors that you have and may come in useful.  Project sizes will be 30 x 30 cms.
The instructor will be on email with you before the start of class to discuss the choice of your project to see whether it will challenge your decision making when it comes to using colors.   She can also suggest a series of prints that you can choose from (animals, flowers, still lifes) or help you find the right version of your theme.  You are encouraged to suggest your own print, but please send it to her first ( to see whether it will be an appropriate subject.
Whether or not you finish your project will depend on the method and material you choose to work with and the ease with which you release the tesserae to the board, or not.  Whichever the case, we will make sure you go home inspired, enlightened and well on your way to start a new phase in the making of your mosaics.