Supply List – Collage Possibilities with Paper

Supplies you must bring*

  • Printmaking paper, watercolor paper or Bristol paper
  • Expired credit card for scraping paint
  • Toothbrush for spattering
  • Stamps (handmade or purchased – optional)
  • Stencils (optional)
  • Disposable Palette: pad of paper style, 9”x12”
  • Brushes: a variety of decent quality flat brushes 1” – 1 ½”  some round if you like.
  • A stash of printed papers – think pattern, text, color! (Book pages, maps, packaging, junk mail, security envelopes)

Supplies that will be provided:

  • Paper/Panel for substrate
  • Acrylic paint: professional quality paints such as Golden or Liquitex Fluid Acrylics, supplemented by student-grade paints.
  • inexpensive drawing paper/tissue paper for making our collage papers
  • Acrylic medium as adhesive and top coat for collage
  • Brayers
  • Markers and Felt tip pens