Flora & Fauna

Le Chéile
Oil on Canvas
(51 cm x 76 cm (20″ x 30″)


Feast for the Eyes
Oil on Cradled Panel
27.5 cm x 32.5 cm


Spring at Last
Oil on Panel
33 cm x 39 cm


Climbing High
Oil on Panel


Purple Flutter
Oil on Panel
28 x 28 cm
Available at Chester Gallery, CT, USA
Oil on Panel
32.5 x 32.5 cm


Floral, Painting, Floral-Painting, Daffodil, Spring, Flower Paintings
The Three Sisters
Oil on Panel
40.5cm x 47.5cm

Flower Paintings, Floral, Pansies, Encaustic, Nature, Fine Art, Olive Stack
The Gangs all Here
Encaustic on Panel
38 cm x 38 cm
Flower Paintings, Floral, Pansies, Nature, Encaustic, Olive Stack,
A Shower of Pansies
Encaustic on Panel
30.5 cm x 38.5 cm
Collage, Painting, Flower Painting, Pansy, Nature, Olive Stack
Patchwork Pansy
Collage on Panel
33 cm x 33 cm


Magnolia, Magnolia Tree, Flower Paintings, Floral, Pink, Nature, Olive Stack, Oil Painting
Magnolia Matinee
Oil on Panel
44.5cm x 44.5cm


Scent of Mid Summer
Oil on Aluminium Panel


Roses, Flower Paintings, Floral, White Rose, Watercolour, Painting, Olive Stack
Gathering of Old Friends
Watercolour and Cold Wax
51 cm x 67 cm


Flower Paintings, Floral, White Rose, Nature, Oil Painting, Olive Stack
Frosted Meringue
Oil on Panel
44cm x 44cm


Agapanthus, Flower Paintings, Floral, Oil Painting, Olive Stack, Nature, Blue
Jazz Blloms
Oil on Panel
32.5cm x 32.5cm


Erengium, Encaustiv, Watercolour, Flower Paintings, Floral, Nature, Olive Stack
Summer Holly
Encaustic on Panel
27.5cm x 27.5cm


Hydrangea, Vintage Bottle, Still Life, Purple, Flower Paintings, Floral, Oil Painting, Olive Stack
Hydrangea Next Generation
Oil on Panel
40.5cm x 48cm


Flower Paintings, Floral, Bottle, Milk Bottle, Still Life, Dried Hydrangea, Olive Stack, Oil Painting
Tender Remembrance
Oil on Panel
49 cm x 59 cm


Ash Trees, Nature, Trees, Winter, Oil Painting, Olive Stack
Kerry Ash Grove
Oil on Linen
58cm x 66xm