Rendering Real and Flippin’ Unglued

About Solly: Solly is an artist and educator, based in Ashland, Oregon. He produces stained glass-on-glass mosaics of the four elements of nature – fire, water, earth and air. His techniques were developed in isolation from those used by other mosaicists, and his visual vocabulary was sculpted by biology. Solly has earned major awards in international, mosaic and all-media competitions. He presents at mosaic conferences and offers workshops at home and overseas. His mosaics have been featured in popular press, coffee-table books, trade journals, art magazines and advertisements for art organizations and competitions. For more information click on Solly
Safety: Please, do not wear sandals. Safety glasses should be worn when handling and cutting glass.
Additional Tools & Materials: Students should bring wheeled-cutters, tweezers and safety glasses.