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Testimonials of artists who have benefited from a Residency at the Gallery

Eva Crawford NC USA May 2024

Rachel Oruko Kenya May 2024

Spending a month creating in Listowel was absolutely magical! I’m a full time mental health practitioner and taking the month off to focus on art making was a much needed respite. The community was so welcoming and Olive was incredibly accommodating.




Yvette Green England April 2024

Sheryl Crowley Canada April 2024

Micro Mosaic – Bonnie Len

Bonnie Len CA USA March 2024

It is difficult to describe the immense feeling of joy I have after a month at Olive’s residency program. The time spent here was incredibly productive, far beyond my expectations. The studio was a wonderful, open and calm environment in which to explore my interest in micro mosaics. Aside from the welcoming people in the town and the feeling of inclusion from everyone here, this is such a comfortable place to be, and to feel free to immerse oneself in your art and surroundings. Thank you, Olive, for this opportunity! What a gift it has been!

Smaliti Mosaic – Rachel Arntson

Rachel Arntson MN USA March 2024

I could write a book about this incredible experience. From the mosaic creations I made, to the charming town of Listowel and the adventures in various towns in the area, everything was wonderfully enjoyable. Bonnie and I were also in the studio a lot, creating mosaics, and we loved it. Even on days off, we enjoyed being there, especially when listening to the rain on the roof windows. Our apartment just above the studio is cozy and perfect. Although we ate out frequently, we also loved cooking in the kitchen. I do a lot of traveling, but I have never felt like I was a part of the community until this artist residency. This apartment in the center of town gave me that opportunity of feeling part of the town. The people of Listowel are very kind and helpful and that includes the lovely and talented, Olive Stack. From the bartenders and coffee shop servers to the check-out people at the grocery store, we never met a person we didn’t love. Working for a solid month on my mosaic art has been such a gift. I stretched myself and learned so much without the typical distractions of living and working at home. Anyone who gets this opportunity is really getting a gift. I would highly recommend this artist residency to anyone who loves to create and desires an atmosphere of peace and kindness. Listowel is a magical town. A huge thank you to Olive Stack for selecting me.

Julie Dilling TX USA February 2024

When I started this journey, everyone asked why would you want to go in February? I really didn’t have an answer. Once I got here I realized it was the very best month to come. I loved Listowel, it’s such a comfortable town. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I walk on the greenway, rain or shine everyday I was in town. My studio time was the best, I was totally engulfed in my work, with none of the everyday distractions and worries. Such a blessing. I was able to experiment with ideas that I never had time to try. This opportunity is something I would encourage artists to take advantage of. Thanks to Olive Stack for a wonderfully productive and creative month.

Jacki Gran FL USA February 2024

I had an amazing month at the Olive Stack artist residency. It is a gift to be able to immerse myself creating art with very little distractions. I leave here with several pieces of new art along with some exciting ideas I’ll pursue when I return home. I loved staying in Listowel and made some great friends while I was here. This was an amazing experience and I’m grateful to Olive for this opportunity


Tapestry – Oil on Canvas – Kim Gibbs

Kim Gibbs NC USA January 2024

Chosen as an artist in Residency for January 2024, changed me immensely. Olive Stack Residency is a fully immersive experience into daily Irish life in a story book town of Listowel. Daily meetings with the locals who you know by name. The three legged dog, Denis and Mauri, friends from John B’s.. Such a rich environment in which to create. Working on a series inspired by Dingle, I created 28 pieces while on residency. The welcoming atmosphere and sheer beauty are fodder for the imagination. I will always carry part of Ireland with me, as it is part of me, now! The experience you have is really up to you!

Stephanie W. Tomey NC USA January 2024

I was so hoping I would be accepted into the residency then when I was accepted I couldn’t wait to arrive. Now I’ve had a fulfilling experience artistically, culturally and geographically. Lol! The places I’ve had the opportunity to visit are so beautiful! I loved the bigger cities as well as the breathtaking views out in the countryside. Which that within itself was such incredible inspiration for the photographs I took. I can’t wait to print them when I get home. But the people of Ireland are the true gems of this entire trip. I found each person I spent time with to be kind, funny, curious about me and so very welcoming. Thank you, Olive, for providing this opportunity for all of us artists to experience your lovely country and a wonderful month long residency in your little corner of Ireland. I hope to return one day and see it all again. Thanks so much! Fondly, Stephanie

Áine – Encaustic, Peat Ash and Ink on Paper – Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams OR USA December 2023

“Magical” is an understatement. Being in Listowel during the holidays was both lovely and festive, providing a perfect blend of quiet, reflective time for learning Irish history and mythology, and exploring experimental processes in the spacious, bright studio. There, I worked with hot wax (encaustic) and peat ash, literally infusing Ireland into my paintings of powerful Irish Goddesses. The abundance of studio time, coupled with watching over the gallery, offered a balanced mix of focused art-making and refreshing interactions with visitors. Sharing this time with Bridget and Olive opened up opportunities for deep conversations about art and life fostering lifelong friendships that I will always cherish. We found the place cozy and comfortable, often snuggling up with morning coffee (or heading to Allies for the best lattes and pastries in town) and watching the holiday festivities unfold from the inviting ‘window’ seat, a special treat in December. We got to know some beautiful and interesting locals, a unique aspect of spending extended time in a small community. I also had the opportunity to teach a workshop in encaustic painting, igniting new inspiration and sharing this unique medium. We fully embraced the local culture, hanging out at the pubs (like John B. Keane’s), enjoying live music and dancing at Mike the Pies. We took little trips to explore the region using both the easy local buses as well as a few private ‘tours’. We experienced Dingle on Wren Day, toured Slea Head, watched sunsets at Ballybunion, and explored North Kerry, where we drank from holy wells, wandered through burial grounds, and visited churches, abbeys and castles. We even stood in the center of the Grange Stone Circle. The photos and inspiration from these experiences will influence my work for years to come. Truly unforgettable!

Balm for a Broken Heart: Labyrinth – Encaustic, Ink , Image Transfer on Paper – Bridget Benton

Bridget Benton NC USA December 2023

Any artist residency – and time out of your normal routine – will give you an opportunity to really dive into your artmaking and connect more deeply with your own creative process. What makes this residency special is the opportunity to also connect deeply with this place and to collaborate creatively. Listowel in December is quiet and cold and wet and grey and utterly wonderful. It is an invitation to slow down, to enjoy your food and drink, to deepen friendships, take some time listening to the locals, and allow inspiration to percolate. My residency mate and long time friend Kelly Williams and I had many a conversation in the little sitting room above Olive Stack Gallery, talking about why we make art, what it means to teach others, and what it is to pursue the creative path that is meaningful to us rather than just to pursue “success.” We came away wanting our artmaking to be a part of making a LIFE, not just making a LIVING. During excursions around Listowel, Ballybunion, Dingle, and the Kerry countryside, we saw many of the same things, but they found their way into our work in different ways. We shared materials and techniques and offered each other feedback while still producing work that was uniquely individual. I collected photographs, stories, and imagery that later surprised me with their meaning. The interactions, culture, and landscape all inspired new directions in my work. This residency also coincided with a major transition in my personal life. In sweet and subtle ways, I felt held by Olive and the community as I navigated that transformation. I can think of no better place than the Olive Stack Gallery Artist Residency to nurture your growth as an artist and as a person.

Renita Mroz Fremantle Australia November 2023







Susan Doherty Australia November 2023

An opportunity to engage in rural country town life of Listowel. Excellent entertainment offered by St John’s, and well worth supporting. The hospitality and kindness for Mary O’Flaherty exemplary.

Cliffs of Ballybunion – Acrylic – Lillie Morris

Lillie Morris GA USA October 2023

This is my fourth residency at Olive Stack Gallery. That in itself should speak volumes! Listowel is such a lovely and welcoming town, rich in cultural offerings and engaging people. There’s a quality of life in Listowel that simply draws you back. The colorful town itself is an artist’s paradise but it is also ideally located near the North Kerry Coast, as well as The Shannon River Estuary, so there’s no lack of inspiring imagery to fuel your creativity. The studio and apartment accommodations are wonderful and the gallery is located right in the heart of Listowel. Sipping my tea each morning at the window of the apartment above the gallery, I was captivated watching a charming Irish town come to life. As for running the gallery…the foot traffic is such that you have plenty of time to work in the studio with an occasional break…and I found the customers who did drop in were always delightful to talk to! Olive was always readily available for any questions or concerns. As I look back on my month spent in Listowel, it was creatively fruitful and rich with memorable experiences…in other words priceless!

Ballybunion Bathers – Oil – Bairbre Duggan

Bairbre Duggan Amsterdam Netherlands September 2023








Blasket Pathway – Acrylic – Jo Angell

Jo Angell London England September 2023

Thank you so much Olive, for the opportunity to experience Listowel and make art! I have wanted to visit Ireland for some time and have never done a residency before so this was the perfect opportunity. The studio upstairs from the gallery is big and bright and I was happy to let ideas develop there, without any preconceived plans. I started by exploring the town, looking for things unseen, wandering down alleyways! We were extremely lucky to have had sunny hot weather at the beginning of our time here, so took the bus to one of the most beautiful beaches I have been to, Ballybunion, to marvell at the drama and scale of the ocean and sand, sketchbooks in hand. I was lucky to spend the time here with the Irish artist Bairbre Duggan. I travelled with her on our days off, to visit the beautiful countryside of County Clare and the Dingle Peninsular. We took a boat trip to visit the incredible Blasket Islands, and this inspired me to read up, and find historical images, and created paintings when back in the studio. Finally, did I mention we were here during the famous Listowel horse races? There was much excitement in the build up to this with horse themed displays, fairy lights throughout the town and traditional music and dance in the town square, plus the opportunity to go to the races and see the beautiful horses, within walking distance of here. The view from our apartment upstairs also provided much entertainment for us, when people enjoyed the evenings in their glad rags after the races! These memories will go back with me to London, and I’ll finally have the time to look closely at my big collection of photos and process the work I made and experience I had!

Gifts from Ballybunion – Gouache and Ink – Diane Pike

Diane Pike CO USA August 2023

This is my third artist residency at Olive Stack Gallery in Listowel and it has been as magical and as inspiring as the other two have been. When I am here a sense of peace and calmness comes over me and the landscapes that I love to paint, that are imprinted on my heart and soul, begin new conversations with me. Add to that the warmth and beauty of people I have met here and the rekindling of old friendships and well, it just doesn’t get any better. The artist Joan Mitchell summed it up perfectly when she said, “I paint from remembered landscapes that I carry with me, and remembered feelings of them, which of course become transformed. I could never mirror nature. I would like more to paint what it leaves me with.” An artist residency at Olive Stack Gallery always leave me with a profound sense of inspiration and joy. I become free in the act of painting and the making of new discoveries. Thank you, Olive, for this incredible experience. Once again.

The Lingerie Rooms – Watercolour – Karen Kielpikowski

Karen Kielpikowski CO USA August 2023

It has been an incredible month. Olive is as kind as she is talented. The apartment and studio are comfortable and well equipped. The town is easy to get around and enjoy. And most importantly, the locals are nice, fun, and supportive. I would not hesitate to highly recommend the Olive Stack Residency to anyone who is lucky enough to be able.




Sheep Waiting for Tea, Listowel Arms – Gouach and Acrylic – Petra Pinn

Petra Pinn Sydney Australia July 2023

This is my second time doing this residency. I enjoyed it in 2019 and I had again a fabulous time in 2023. Olive is very helpful and super friendly in explaining everything there is to know about the gallery and town. I usually paint interiors but my focus was on local farm animals, like horses at the fair, cows and sheep, as well as painting landscapes from life. Olive organised a local life model for the artists I shared the space with. We did life drawing/painting twice, another wonderful experience. We sketched at the local pubs and did lots of day trips all over Kerry, we sketched wherever we went. I can totally recommend this residency, you will have a great time in beautiful Listowel. Thank you!!

Harp and Lion – Oil – Laurie McKern

Laurie McKern Sydney Australia July 2023

This is my second time around doing an artist’s residency at the Olive Stack Gallery. It was my aim this time to paint from life and memory as much as possible. It was challenging but a beautiful experience. I travelled to a few places around the Kerry Co to paint where the light is always changing and always stunning. I also painted around town and enjoyed talking with the locals that stopped to watch what I was doing. I had the opportunity to do a couple of fabulous life drawings sessions with Olive and my friends at the residence. Thank you so much Olive, I really enjoyed your company and the opportunity to explore Listowel and new ways of working. I hope to be back again one day.

Banna Beach – Gouach – Jane Park

Jane Park Sydney Australia July 2023

I had an absolutely fantastic time on my artist residency. My focus was drawing musicians and people in pubs and I made lots of lovely connections doing that. We did make various trips around where I did a number of landscapes out in the open. Olive is a delight – really helpful with queries big and small. She also had many suggestions on where to find ruins and different locations to go to.

Forty Shades of Green – Mixed Media – Ginette Wang

Ginette Wang Melbourne  Australia June 2023

I would like to say thank you to Olive for the opportunity to stay and create my work at Olive Stack Gallery for a month in June, 2023. It has been a wonderful experience. A great chance to learn about Irish culture, explore nearby scenery as well as connect to the people in Listowel. I was very inspired by the people, culture as well as the stunning landscapes in the region. The artist residency is well setup at the centre of the town. The exhibition by the end of the residency was a great way to share my artwork with the local community.

Stained Glass Mosaic – John Sollinger

John Sollinger OR USA May & June 2023

My having returned twice and stayed two months testifies to my love of the residency; of Olive, who is warm, generous, gracious and humorous); of former artists-in-residence who return to visit, of Listowel (the River Feale, proximity of pubs and restaurants); of the welcoming Listowelians (especially but not only the friends of Olive, such as Mary O’Flaherty, Jonny and Paul Manning); and of the green, wild places by the sea. Also, I manage to produce artwork in the spacious and well-lit studio when not tending to the gallery, pubbing, or visiting friends and sightseeing. I am and will be eternally grateful to Olive for making this possible.

Sunny View – Mixed Media Mosaic – Laura McKellar

Laura McKellar GA USA April 2023

I had been to Ireland twice before my residency at Olive’s, but both trips were guided bus tours. This experience has given me a taste of what life is really like in the lovely market town of Listowel, and it is sublime! I enjoyed getting to know so many locals, the excursions to stunning destinations, and of course, working in the beautiful studio! My passion is to mosaic flowers, and this beautiful region of Ireland has so many, it has been a privilege and honor to witness an Irish spring for the first time, during the month of April; bluebells, daffodils, daisies, cowslip, gorse at peak bloom time. Thank you times a million, Olive!


Pam Goode NC USA April 2023

As the theme for our artist residency in April, 2023, Laura McKellar and I chose the word Becoming. And aren’t we all? Even when we think we know exactly who we are, in truth we change not only yearly, not only daily, but every single moment. We constantly evolve. When I registered for this residency, I knew it would be a step out for me and it certainly has been — in all the best of ways — and I’m very grateful to the many women who have stood beside me along the path. One of the best of those is Olive Stack (whom we often call Wonder Woman, and rightfully so). And so as we ready our selves and our words and our comfort zones and our joy, I’m incredibly thankful once again for this opportunity to share and grow and become the woman I want to be — the woman who opens her soul and scatters bits of it across the skies, the waters, the friendships, the todays and the tomorrows, all of which are so much richer now — due not only to this residency, but to the many, many friends and teachers I’ve gathered along the way. Thank you, Olive Stack Residency, for the thousand-fold ways in which you’ve invited and allowed me to grow.


A Song for Ireland – Mixed Media – Susan Quill Irish

Susan Quill Irish SC USA March 2023

For years, I dreamed of this residency. It was my quiet meditation on stressful days and my anticipated future adventure. Finally, it was a reality. It measured beyond my expectations. I was exploring the kingdom with instant access to a studio. There was minimal interruptions or distractions between the stimulus and the response. It was an intensely creative time for me, artistically. It was a life changing opportunity for me, personally. And the two became one. I made art true to my mission, in my way, inspired by Ireland as I set out to do. Then I went to the town of my ancestors where, much to my surprise, I met real living relatives. I felt the connection to the place deep in my soul. This was infused into my paintings in ways for which I never could have planned. Olive Stack Residency gave me the chance to work in a new and different place and yet simultaneously feel at home. I feel forever connected.

Laura McRae Hitchcock SC USA March 2023

Another Year’s Caution – Mixed Media Collage – Staci Swider

Staci Swider SC USA February 2023

This is my third trip back to Listowel and Olive Stack Gallery. That alone is a testament to how worthwhile a month of art immersion away from the regular slog of daily life can be! It’s transformative both personally and professionally. Listowel and her people are some of the warmest, friendliest people on the planet. Maybe it’s the gorgeous scenery of rolling hills, quiet cows, and nesting birds. Maybe it’s the laid back casual approach to life and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. They welcome you, the artist, and make you feel like you are a part of the Listowel extended family. They say hello on the street and pop into the gallery to share pleasantries or just to see how you are settling into the town. I could go on and on. Will I be back? Without a doubt.

Soul Song – Mixed Media Collage – Leslie Hamrick

Leslie Hamrick GA USA February 2023

Spending a month in Listowel at the Olive Stack Gallery was transformational! I purposely came with an open agenda and open mind to soak in my surroundings. Seeing the textures, shapes, and colors of Ireland emerge in my artwork was a pleasure I fully embraced and had the space to explore. Listowel is a lovely town full of even lovelier people who welcome the visiting artists, regaling them with local lore. The view of town from the gallery, living room, and bedrooms is perfection- comfortably constant, yet ever changing and endlessly interesting. I have brought the full experience home with me and am anxious to see how the small collage pieces and monoprints I created during my residency will evolve further. Thank you, Olive!


Micro Mosaic Pendant – Debra D’Souza

Debra D’Souza MN USA December 2022

The residency at Olive Stack Gallery was a perfect opportunity to develop new work and revisit some art forms I have done in the past. It also allowed me time to regroup and plan for the multiple projects I have on my calendar once I return home.I worked on several concept paintings, that I plan to create with fused glass as well as some micro-mosaic pieces and an Irish inspired design from local stone. Olive provides a comfortable, well stocked place to stay and the studio is great for all types of art and creative work. I love the lovely town of Listowel, the wonderful people and the beautiful Irish countryside. It’s friendly streets, shops and pubs make it easy to meet new friends and I felt right at home. Thank you Olive for this wonderful opportunity you provide to artists! Debra DSouza (Mosaic Artist)

Poppy – Stained Glass on Slate – Debra Sindelir

Debra Sindelir MN USA December 2022

Thank you Olive for this wonderful opportunity for me to explore a new medium of glass art. Your studio space and lovely apartment were perfect. Listowel is such a welcoming community. I will always remember “the proper sing song” at John B’s pub, dinner at your beautiful home, Mary’s visits and welcome pie, our trip to Ballybunion with Johnny and Nazak, laughing with Billy and the regulars at John B’s, our wonderful afternoon spent with artists Mac and Maggie..the list goes on. Ireland is a magical place both in it’s beauty and and the people. Thank you again for this once in a lifetime visit!!






November in Listowel – Watercolour and Gouache – Danielle Donaldson

Danielle Donaldson CA USA November 2022

What an amazing, creative journey! Rainy days filled with lots of creative room to play in a big studio. Many walks around town were filled with friendly faces, lush green scenery and warm shops and pubs. Such a wonderful opportunity for myself and a dear artist/friend – filling us up personally and professionally.





Mind Yourself – Watercolour and Gouache – Sandra Hearn

Sandra Hearn WA USA November 2022

My time as an artist in residence with Olive Stack was an adventure to remember. I found inspiration all around. We walked the Greenway every morning that the weather allowed and spent as many days as possible going on little trips around the county. In town, we spent our time enjoying the pubs, shops, and restaurants. One of the highlights was meeting the friendly locals on the daily. Some who we shared meals with and many who we shared pints with at the John B. Keane Pub. The best part of all was the huge amount of time we spent in the studio. The exact boost I needed for my art practice! It was my first time in Ireland and I feel so lucky to have had an entire month to be immersed in life of this wonderful country.

Nine Daughter’s Murmuration – Watercolour – Amy Bogard

Amy Bogard OH USA October 2022

After a 2 year delay due to covid, my residency at Olive Stack Gallery was well worth the wait. The time and space to work, think, rest, play music, and explore western Ireland was deeply inspiring and has filled a well I will draw upon for years to come. The apartment was private and comfortable and felt so much like home. The studio space was spacious and beautifully lit, night or day. The whole experience was absolute perfection and I hope one day to have the honor of returning to lovely Listowel. Thank you Olive for providing this incredible opportunity!


Julie Persons ME USA October 2022

The Olive Stack Artist Residency was an amazing experience! I’m very grateful for the opportunity to experience so much of Listowel’s charm while having the time and space to put into my creative works. Highlights included evenings of traditional music, trips to the coast to spend time in Ballybunion and Ballyheigue, interesting chats with local customers and an abundance of studio time. The residency quarters were spacious and comfortable with each bedroom having it’s own floor and bathroom. Listowel is a lovely little town with lots to explore on foot and the people kind and curious, I hope to return someday and discover more of Listowel’s charm!


The Essence of Cho – Silk Painting – Denise Torrance

Denise Torrance NC USA September 2022

Coming home to Listowel after emerging from COVID and the passing of my beloved husband was beyond what I imagined! I had never traveled alone or embarked upon a four week journey without my love by my side. I was fearful that I would arrive and flounder but the exact opposite happened. I was wrapped with love by the most beautiful people, friends and now my extended family. The support, encouragement and love I received was simply incredible! This residency is life changing! The weekly outing with Gere, the special moments with Mary and Ann and the outpouring of love from Olive, I am humbled. This residency will open your eyes and heart and enable you to create so much work that you will amaze yourself. Enjoy every creative second because the days simply fly by!


What about my life? – Encaustic on Wood Panel – Teresa Rench

Teresa Rench NC USA September 2022 

This was my first artist residency, and I can definitely say that it was life changing and affirming for me. I went with the goal of focusing on my art and could not have asked for a better environment in which to do so. Olive Stack’s studio is comfortable, well-equipped, and inspiring. Beyond that, Olive and all of the people in Listowel are very engaged and welcoming and it all serves to make the experience one of the best I’ve had in my life!

Kells Bay – Oil on Panel – Emily Andress

Emily Andress NC USA August 2022

This is my 3rd residency and I still cannot get enough. There is never ending inspiration to be found here whether in the landscape, the architecture, or the people themselves. I think I’ve painted Olive a dozen times alone! To live and work in a place like Listowel is worth it for any artist looking to expand. After being here and meeting the extraordinary people, you truly feel anything is possible.




Bealtaine – Gouache – Laura McRae Hitchcock

Laura McRae Hitchcock SC USA – July 2022

I sit on the sofa at the window of our favorite spot here, in the gallery apartment on my last morning. It is quite early and all the shops and streets are empty. I watch the green and gold checked flags flutter in the brisk morning breeze, the tree in front of Lynch’s Bakery waves.  A crow lands on the windowsill, looks at me and then flies away. There’s a rhythm to living and working here, a gentleness in the day to day activity, a friendliness and generosity that comes from the people of LIstowel. The combination makes powerful ingredients for the magic potion that this residency concocts for its artists. A month spent in this remarkable town, in the lovely  apartment with its incredible studio space, so generously offered by Olive, gives, in a myriad of ways, to my creativity and my psyche, as artist. Some gifts are obvious and visible, like the work produced and friends made and revisited. Other gifts come internally, subtly. They take time and reflection to seep in, take root.  All these ingredients: the town, especially the people, the gallery apartment and studio, my own challenges faced and insights gleaned, mix together to create a potion for creative expansion. This residency is a gift that continues to give long after we go home, no matter how often we come.  The challenges and gifts continue to meet us where we are, as artists and human beings. I will forever sing praises to Olive for this opportunity and the generosity with which she makes it available to artists around the world. We are so very lucky to have found her and Lovely Listowel. 

Pink Carrot Lace – Wild Garden – Ceramic Tiles – Terry Shipley

Terry Shipley NC USA – July 2022

I could not recommend more enthusiastically the Artist’s Residency at Olive Stack Gallery in Listowel, Co Kerry, Ireland. This month long opportunity to live in Listowel, in the comfort of Olive’s lovely Gallery apartment, and to work in the spacious studio, will always rate top in my experiences. As I’m writing these thoughts, I sit at the large upstairs front window, affectionately known as “window theatre”, with an eye on the Small Square comings and goings in this remarkable town. I’m reflecting on all that I have gained both in my ceramic work and the enduring “family” of friends that I’ll carry home with me. When you participate in this residency, I urge you to become absorbed in your art, stay open to new ways and ideas, and to be open to the experiences and magic that will surely happen.

Kelley Knickerbocker WA/USA – June 2022

Organised Chaos – Mosaic – Anabella Wewer

Anabella Wewer Venezuela/USA – June 2022

It was a joy to spend a month at Olive Stack Gallery, getting to know Olive and the town’s residents! Listowel is a beautiful town, with friendly people and a welcoming atmosphere, The studio space is amazing, the Irish stones great to work with, and the accommodations cozy and lovely!! Having the time to focus on the work without the interruptions of daily life at home was truly priceless. Working at the gallery and interacting with potential costumers was fun, and totally easy for us working in the studio, leaving ample time to explore the area and feel like a local! Thank Olive, for a great opportunity!!

A Little Night Magic – Oil on Canvas – Jean Cauthen

Jean Cauthen NC USA – May 2022

I’m just waking up, cradling my coffee, staring from my favorite 2nd floor ‘window theater-seat’ from Olive’s apartment. I’ve just spotted the man with the 3-legged dog as I do every morning. It’s my daily signal to get up, pack my gear and head out for a painting adventure. My evening routine is a stroll to the Horseshoe Bar, order a Guinness while I wait at the bar for my take-away soup and soda bread. Every single night I ask, “what’s the soup?” And every single night it is vegetable. The glorious rhythms of living over Listowel’s busiest intersection are so ingrained that I don’t know how I will function without them. Between those hours, I’ve painted the ever-changing Irish landscape, spent hours in conversation with the wittiest folks in the world, minded Olive’s jewel of a gallery, listened to pub music and stories and plotted adventures in the Irish countryside. As my 4th residency here comes to a close, I think about how the month has affected my work and my life. It’s almost impossible to explain the value in paring down days to the essential–painting outside so mindfully that I can see an evolution in just 30-day’s time. On a personal level, with every stay, friendships deepen so–that more and more, Listowel feels like home. And lately, when I ask about the soup, the Horsehoe bartender says, “Do you really have to ask?”. Thank you (again), Olive, for all you do for all of us artists! Immeasurable!

Cliffs of Ireland – Oil on Panel – Bridgette Martin

Bridgette Martin NC USA – May 2022 

I had the pleasure of being an artist in residence at Olive Stack Gallery in May of 2022 and it was incredible! Listowel is truly a magical place. To be a part of the daily life of the people of Listowel while immersing myself in my art was part of the delight of this residency. It is a rare gift to have the time to soak in the traditions, lifestyle and lush surroundings with access to an art studio every day. Without the distractions of my “normal” life I pushed myself to try new things inspired by what was all around me. As a landscape painter, I challenged myself to plein air paint most every day. I loaded up my backpack and went on the streets to paint anticipating the weather to change a lot and yes it did! I did a few excursions outside of Listowel to paint at a Friary, a castle and a local farm. It was my first time traveling abroad with oil paints and by the end of the residency I had the ability to travel easily with my gear and create work quickly on location. Painting on the cliffs of Ballybunion and Bromore were moments I will cherish for a lifetime. I learned I am capable of doing much more than I think I can. Each day came with heart to heart connections with people who truly wanted to share their passions and stories. The time I spent in this residency has definitely impacted my work and my vision of who I want to be going forward. I am so grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to come back! Thank you Olive for making this a reality for artists- such a gift.

Out of the Darkness – Pebble Mosaic – Kathleen Doody

Kathleen Doody Toronto Canada – April 2022

It was so good to be back in Listowel at the Olive Stack Gallery! I totally concur with what the other artists have written about the town, the studio and gallery, the people. And also, for me, there are also those North Kerry pebbles: Banna, Beale, Ballylongford, Carrig Island, all those beaches, offering their own distinct stones. And the possibilities they offer me in creating pebble mosaics. And Olive, especially Olive, an equally passionate, in all weather, pebble picking buddy, and stone artist. So generous with her time and place. And Johnny, Ann, Mary . . . Please may I come back soon?


Rook – Pencil and Acrylic – Alastair Dickson

Alastair Dickson Toronto Canada – April 2022

I would highly recommend the residency at the Olive Stack Gallery in Listowel, County Kerry. The studio and accommodation are excellent, situated above the gallery in the very heart of the town, and Olive will very quickly make you feel at home. As well as being an excellent painter,Olive is also an experienced stone worker, mosaic artist and lantern maker. She has a fine sense of humour and likes a glass of wine occasionally! She is also very busy and thus the residency requires you to undertake the less than onerous task of looking after the running of the gallery 4 days a week. You’re in the studio, you hear the bell, you nip downstairs to hopefully sell art. It felt good to sell art, even if it wasn’t mine! Thanks Olive, for a wonderful time in Listowel!

Smalti Mosaic – Mel Miller

Mel Miller South Africa – March 2022








Bean Sidhe – Watercolour and Collage – Mallory Feltz

Mallory Feltz OH USA – February 2022

What an amazing opportunity! I had the wonderful pleasure of being an artist in residence at Olive Stack Gallery in February 2022, and I absolutely loved every minute of the experience. I am fortunate to have visited Ireland twice before this residency (on vacation), but this dedicated month was truly special and unique for the gift of time and peace to create. It was such an honor to be given the time to explore, experience, and experiment. This residency gave me the gift of patience and enthusiasm to create new works, and reinvigorated my appreciation of living in the moment. I’m walking away from this experience having grown more as an artist, and with a new vein of artwork style and technique that I’m truly excited about continuing. Having always been interested in Irish symbology, mythology, folklore, cryptids, and legends, it was wonderful to delve deeper into the lore of this region and incorporate the theme of illustrative storytelling with fabric collages in this new body of work. I was inspired by the intricate plasterwork and stained glass around town, as well as the beautiful landscapes, and incorporated them into my new artworks. I’m excited about the work that I will make next, thanks to this opportunity. Ireland is a magical place – the landscapes are made of dreams. The friendly people of Listowel greeted me with kind words, open hearts, and interesting stories (and the occasional friendly pint), and this town has captured my heart. Even though the weather was unpredictable (it was February, after all), I enjoyed the rainy days in the studio and reveled in the sunshine on walks around town or on short trips out of town. It was lovely to meet people who visited the gallery while we were working. I felt like I was let in on a special secret while taking walks around and hanging out in the pubs in Listowel – the depth of beauty and community that this place provides is awesome! Olive is a wonderful host, this time was so special to me, and I can’t wait to return to Listowel.

As Above, So Below – Acrylic on Canvas – Bree Stallings

Bree Stallings – NC USA February 2022

My time at Olive Stack’s residency was life changing. As an artist, with an additional full time, highly demanding arts career, I was feeling exceptionally burnt out before attending. I thought the opportunity would be a time of much needed rest and relaxation, which it certainly was, but the time given to me in the studio, the attention and love given to me by the people of Listowel and the freedom and trust given to us by Olive was the perfect remedy salve for a raw heart. The pace of the city is sweet and slow, the people are kind and endearing, and the landscape leaves nothing unwanted. This gift, the perfect formula of these things, helped me to make some of my most beautiful, heartfelt and successful work to date. As the youngest artist in resident to date, I am grateful for the many that came before me and perfected this formula of this residency and for Olive’s foresight on things should run. As a young woman in the city, I never felt unsafe and made instant connections with folks who I knew were looking out and caring for me. As someone whose life often feels rushed, unsafe, and dizzying, this place and this experience forever have a place in my heart. Like the many before me who I spoke to (so the artists who have come before, learned from the locals, and are so eager to give hints and be helpful and preparatory for you), I have completely fallen under the Listowel spell. Olive, thank you for this opportunity. You have discovered, and continued to curate, something really magical. We are all the more better for it. 100/10 would recommend, and can’t wait to come back as many times as Ireland will have me.


The Big Bridge – Oil on Panel – Kim Hall

Kim Hall – VA USA December 2021

This is truly a magical place with so much inspiration everywhere you look. A warm and friendly town and great studio and accommodations for any working artist. I can’t wait to come back! Thank you for everything Olive Stack.



The Woods are Burning – Glass on Glass Mosaic – Christine Hume

Christine Hume – Almonte, Ontario, Canada November 2021

Little did I know, when I applied for the Olive Stack Gallery residency two years ago, that we would be in the midst of a world- wide pandemic. Being accepted for November 2021 turned out to be a blessing – as the residencies only started up again in October. As soon as I got my second Covid vaccine, I started to plan my trip to Listowel. The end result has been an amazing collaborative and creative experience. Incredibly intense at times, as I really pushed myself to “learn by doing”. I created some mosaic work using the medium I am most experienced in – glass on glass mosaics, and then learned and tried new techniques. Once I had finished the projects I brought with me, seeing some sacred symbols sent me off in interesting new directions. From creating temporary environmental art to creating intricate mosaics on stone. At times I reached out to Olive Stack for extra materials and to mosaic artists who had previously done residencies to learn what I needed to know. When I wasn’t creating in the studio, I was further inspired by walking along the River Feale, bog and beach walks and visits to St . Batt’s Holy Well. Heart-to-heart conversations along the way added to the whole lovely mix. I learned that I am capable of more than I expected and the importance of the concept of “going with the flow”. I am very thankful for this incredible opportunity!

Black and White Vase with Blue Flowers – Ceramic – Terry Shipley

Terry Shipley – NC USA November 2021

My November residency at Olive Stack Gallery in Listowel, Co Kerry, Ireland was meaningful to me in so many ways. I think my work benefits from lively challenges and this month provided that. I work in hand built ceramics focusing on sculptural forms which usually need a bit of loose engineering. What that did was take me into the community to find answers. A local potter provided his expertise in firing my work which lead to many conversations of technique and finding commonality in our craft. The search for a strong adhesive in town was finally successful due to the understanding of a gentleman knowledgeable in construction materials. Most likely he has never dealt with ceramic construction, but provided just the right product. Making the work in a much abbreviated time frame sharpened my focus and let me release my own unrealistic expectations. This residency program gave me the perfect studio space and ability and freedom to work the hours I needed. I have immense gratitude for the encouraging and wonderful support of my friends in Listowel and most especially for Olive herself. It’s a very special program that can provide all of these things.

Kim Marcucci – Acrylic

Kim Marcucci – Anchorage Alaska October 2021

I am so honored to have spent the month of October in Listowel meeting new people, painting and exploring southwest Ireland. Spending that much time in one village, I felt apart of the community, not just a visitor. Everyone is so friendly, and after 18 months of no residing artists, we were a sight for sore eyes and truly welcomed into Listowel. I enjoyed giving an abstract workshop and exhibiting in the gallery. The apartment and studio were just grand. The greatest gift however, was Olive! I will miss her the most.



Listowel Castle – Photograpy – Will Marcucci

William Marcucci – Anchorage Alaska October 2021

Been a wonderful month in Listowel. Friendly people and a bit slower pace than back home. The studio and living quarters are great. Minding the Gallery is a great way to meet locals and get acquainted. Take some side trips out of area on free days. Bus service is good to visit neighboring village’s. Olive is a joy to spend time with. Get yourself over here, you won’t regret it





Yvette Green – England March 2020

Staci Swider – GA USA March 2020

Kate Mackie Ashton – Acrylic

Kate Mackie Ashton – Los Angeles CA USA February 2020

I had to come home to truly process the whole experience. I intend to reapply. That is my visceral response to the experience. I can’t pinpoint precisely but among sundry reasons one has to be “Olive’s magic Window”. What a wonderful proximity! I spent a lot of time staring out this window watching the comings and goings of Listowel! or,… spending most of our time (because of very dramatic weather) in that huge studio with the wonderful (light!!!) and HAD to paint some 21 days straight. Heaven. 21 days in my happy place. Also, being in Ireland, being in Listowel has a lot to do with it. I have a history as well as kin in Listowel. But, the Irish, sorry to generalize, are such lovely people!! I always feel like coming home when Im in Listowel. I truly want this experience again…but hopefully in spring or summer months.

Black Valley – Watercolour and Ink – Sanae Robinson Guerin

Sanae Robinson Guerin – CA USA February 2020

I spent the month minus one weekend, making art daily: a total of 24 paintings. There is something to say about doing one’s art without the little distractions that happen when one is at home or even in one’s own studio. There were no errands to run and virtually no social obligations. I could sit with my work and try out a whim to see where it would lead. (The February weather also helped in this regard as traveling or sightseeing was not a very appealing endeavor when the wind was blowing the rain sideways! So even days off were mostly spent in the studio.) I tried out a new (and somewhat unintended) technique to use with my paintings that I was quite pleased with. It was also such a gift to get to feel a bit of a local, finding a favorite spot for a meal or a cider at the end of the day. And little did I know I would be returning home just in time to be quarantined, due to the Coronavirus, sheltering at home for the rest of the year. I was more productive (in actual art making) that month at Olive’s than I was the rest of 2020. I am even more grateful from this vantage point than I was immediately after my residency.

Unwound – Merino wool, silk fibre, thread and beads – Renita Mroz

Renita Mroz – Fremantle, Australia December 2019

Extraordinary! I feel incredibly privileged and grateful to have spent December in Olive’s gallery, studio and gorgeous town house in lovely Listowel. I immediately felt welcomed, at home and unwound – ready to explore and create – free of the familiar and the everyday.
At the last moment this became a solitary journey for me. While I would have loved to share the experience with an old and special friend, arriving alone was made effortless by Olive’s warmth, thoughtfulness and kindness and that of the colourful characters of the town who were interested, interesting and always ready to share a chat, a laugh, a story – and quite a lot of cake.
The large, bright studio was a wonderful work-space and, courtesy of the treasures left behind by residents past, an inspiration. The accommodation was warm and welcoming and the views of the countryside and town an absolute treat. I loved meeting visitors in the gallery and rugging up and venturing out to explore the town, park and surrounds as well as trips with Olive a little further afield. Thank you for sharing December birthdays and new year with me!
I finished the month clearer not only about where I want to take my felt-making but also how I want to live my life. Thank you, Olive (and Listowel), for the most incredible opportunity you provide for artists. I leave with a full heart, and more of Ireland still to explore, but it was a real wrench to pull that blue door shut for the last time! I’d be back in a heartbeat.

Pendants and Pin – Mosaic – Christine Hansen

Christine Hansen – MN USA October 2019

I can’t say enough about what a truly amazing experience the Olive Stack Residency has been for me! I have had the luxury of the time to try new mediums and techniques that I have never experienced before in my art. I have also had the time and opportunity to experience and explore the absolutely gorgeous country of Ireland. The often times raw beauty of this country is completely inspiring and magical! And the people? Well, the people are the best experience of all! Honest, caring and completely delightful!!! I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful opportunity!

Celtic Knot – Mosaic – Debra D’Souza

Debra D’Souza – MN USA October 2019

This residency at Olive Stack gallery in lovely Listowel has been wonderful! We didn’t have a car, so most of the time was spent exploring the town or in the studio. Which was a perfect emersion of culture and creativity that I was hoping. Twice we hired Damian Stack to drive us to the beautiful coast and both days were fun and filled with adventure. In the studio, I worked with local stone, a material I that is not my normal medium. The apartment is very comfortable and well equipped, as is the studio. Listowel also has everything we needed and best of all it’s filled with wonderful people! Olive, you are a smart, generous woman and I thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I hope to come back.

Oceans’s Meeting – Mosaic – Mel Miller

Mel Miller – Cape Town South Africa September 2019

The experience of spending a month in the Olive Stack Gallery has been everything I wanted it to be. Firstly, I love the small village, the colourful buildings, the very kind and friendly people, even the drivers who just stop in the middle of the road if they think you’d like to cross. Coming from a far more aggressive and troubled country, I appreciate this more than ever. It didn’t take me long to create my own space in the studio and leap into some work. My co-resident, Jamie was just as enthusiastic and was busy immediately. Jamie and I are best friends for many years and as we live in different countries, this was a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time together. We were both wildly creative, and even so, there were days when one or both of us suffered from a creative block or frustration. But we never stopped. We worked furiously, madly, excitedly, or calmly. I can honestly say that my overall feeling of having such a dedicated work space, with such a compatible companion, made me feel quite euphoric often. I loved this experience. Taking care of the Gallery was never difficult or taxing. We took turns in padding down the stairs to meet who ever was coming to visit. Olive was always helpful if we needed her. She took us twice to Ballybunion and the second time we went we were blessed to witness magnificent murmurations of the starlings at sunset. Thank you Olive. This has been one of the most wonderful experiences for me on so many levels. In one month I produced 6 pieces of mosaic. A record for me. 3 tiny ones and 3 fairly substantial ones. All completely different from each other and hopefully lending inspiration to my future work. A month is a long time. Many things happened and were experienced. I loved them all. The horse races, the people in the streets. Ladies Day at the races, fantastic outfits. The funeral of a Traveler which wove through the streets playing bagpipes and taking the coffin in a glass horse drawn carriage. Winning money on the races, inspired by Marian (Olive’s mom ) to put my money on a horse. Wonderful walks along the river and around Childers Park. Irish Scones. Mary. Damian. Olive is the best. I can’t wait to come again one day.

Murmuration Exploration – Acrylic – Jamie MacRae

Jamie MacRae – Toronto Canada September 2019

The experience of my time as an Artist in Resident at the Olive Stack Gallery, was rewarding in so many ways. I came without an art agenda, my regular art supplies and equipment. I also had a desire to step away from what was familiar to me with my artistic expression. I stepped into the creative process trusting that I would be led to an area of artistic growth. Surprisingly enough it was an evening trip to Ballybunion with Olive and my fellow Artist in Resident Mel Miller that triggered my final days of exploration. As I experienced the wind, water and starling murmurations in this coastal location, something was triggered in me and I came back to the studio inspired and ready to explore all of these elements. The remaining days were spent in the studio using the remnants of my limited art supplies to follow my inspiration from that evening. I know that I will return to Canada ready to explore this further. Listowel itself is a wonderful village. All the people that I have met were very welcoming and engaging. The studio is large and has great light and being able to access it from the flat made it natural to move into the space each day. I would like to thank Olive for having created this opportunity for artists to take advantage of. A month to explore, create, eat, drink, laugh and experience joy each day is something special. To my fellow Resident Artist, Mel Miller. Thanks for long days of camaraderie in the studio! My memories of this time we had together will forever be with me.

Alamar – Mexican smalti, Italian filati and found Irish beach pebbles – Michael Graham

Michael Graham – GA USA August 2019

For me, the month of August 2019 will forever be regarded as a personal milestone. On the last night of this meaningful  journey, as I reflect on my experiences and feelings, I am filled with gratitude. It seems to me that rarely in life do events, circumstances and individuals come together for us in such a way as to effect proper, perfect contentment. For that I thank providence or whatever gods that be. Gratitude is the attitude.
I could list the many experiences, sights, sounds, people and places that made this month in lovely Listowel so absolutely special but suffice it to say the end result, for me, has been profound on many levels. The beauty, graciousness, creative energy and love have been damn near overwhelming at times. I trust it has helped me self actualize in a way that enables me to be a better man and artist.
You should come to Listowel. You really should. Immerse yourself in the magic that is waiting to happen in the gallery of the incomparable Olive Stack. It can happen if you will let it. Be well.

Cúig Cuirin – Stained Glass – John Sollinger

John Sollinger – OR USA August 2019

My second residency at Olive’s gallery underscored my adoration for Olive, whose generosity, geniality and humor makes for the best company, and for the town folk of Listowel – especially Mary O’Flaherty, who made me belly laugh during our morning coffee at Lynch’s bakery, and Johnny, who stole Michael Graham (the best studio-mate possible) for horseback riding and swim in the Atlantic along the Ring of Kerry. I have become attached to regular clientele at John B’s pub, where bartender Phil remembered me from my first residency as “one pint (Guinness) John.” I have read the testimonials of others and agree with every sentiment regarding the magic of Ireland; the natural beauty of Kerry County, the charm of small-town Listowel, the spacious studio for making art without the usual distractions of home, and the well-furnished apartment for relaxing, entertaining, and always interesting street theatre. It is an experience I will always treasure (and seek to repeat!).

Robin – Mosaic – Anne Marie Price

Anne Marie Price – CA USA July 2019

The artist residency at Olive Stack’s Gallery was a dream month in a most special place…beautiful and historic Listowel, Ireland. Not only was I constantly inspired as an artist in this unique town but the kindness and generosity from Olive and the community made you feel incredibly welcomed every single day you are there. I feel as though I won a lottery having this opportunity to work and explore such a beautiful country and I absolutely plan to return. This is an artist residency you do not want to miss out on experiencing.

Suaimhneas – Mosaic – Dawn Mendelson

Dawn Mendelson – CA USA July 2019

The Olive Stack Gallery Artist Residency was a gift. I live in a busy, frantic city and time to reflect and be creative is precious. This opportunity allowed me not only to travel, to explore, to meet wonderful new people, view breathtaking vistas, but also to be inspired, to write, to read, to draw, to paint and mosaic. I enjoyed sitting in the gallery to greet visitors in the mornings. Afternoon and evenings were for studio work and walks along the River Feale, where I tried to spot the elusive blue heron. It’s easy to fit right into this lovely town of Listowel. Olive is wonderful. She greeted us at the bus stop when we arrived, and checked in on us regularly, offering support and opportunities to view local sites. We happened to be here during the Entente Florale competition, and so participated in a small market and helped with the window decorations. The people are so welcoming, very friendly and supportive. The food is delicious and pure. The bus system is easy to maneuver for day trips to local towns, and there’s plenty to see right here in town. The studio has great light and the apartment has everything one would need, including a front row seat to the courtyard’s activities. I use recycled ceramics in my work and had a great time visiting the different thrift stores to collect materials, and it was a fun challenge to create with only what I found. John B Keane’s pub theater and Lizzy’s Little Kitchen are not to be missed. I know I will take much inspiration with me, and will be using visions from this wonderful part of the world for years to come. Thank you to my mighty studiomate Anne Marie Price, and to new friends Damian, Johnny, and Mary; and thank you, Olive, for offering such an incredible opportunity for artists!

Lithic Land – Mosaic – Kelley Knickerbocker

Kelley Knickerbocker – WA USA June 2019

The Olive Stack Galler residency is, in a word, plentiful. Plenty of time/space to work, plenty of time to explore, plenty of interesting and lively folk, plenty of beauty, plenty of inspiration, plenty of local stone to build with, plenty of genuine and generous Irish hospitality, plenty of rain and sun, plenty of Guinness, and plenty of the best baked goods you’ll find on this earth.




Far and Away – Mosaic – Scott Fitzwater

Scott Fitzwater – OR USA June 2019

Like many Olive Stack artist residents, my month simply flew by in a seeming blink of the eye. The entire experience did not disappoint. Listowel is a beautiful village (the 2018 tidiest town in Ireland mind you) and its residents are friendly and welcoming. My daily morning walk followed paths along the River Feale, around the golf course and rugby/soccer fields and through Church Tower Cemetery. Olive is great, always thoughtful and helpful. She met us at the bus stop when we arrived from Shannon airport, introduced us to the apartment and made sure we were comfortable. The apartment is pleasant and comfy. The studio is spacious with great light. Tending to the Olive Stack Gallery 4 days per week is pretty easy and really not very intrusive. My resident partner, Kelley Knickerbocker, and I fell into a habit of intense work from the very beginning. We spent most of our days in the studio with a couple of side trips for sightseeing. The work was exciting, challenging and tiring. The big surprise for me was that I developed (stumbled upon?) a new technique in my slate work. Very exciting stuff! Should I get invited to the residency again, I think I would probably focus a little less on making art and spend a little more time exploring Listowel and environs, engaging the people of Listowel and visiting nearby, interesting locations in Ireland.

Claire B Cotts – CA USA May 2019









Seagull – Acrylic – by Neslihan Zabci Erdal

Neslihan Zabci Erdal – Turkey May 2019







Listowel – View from the Attic Room –  Acrylic – by Laurie McKern

Laurie McKern – Sydney Australia April 2019

I can’t say enough good stuff about this wonderful opportunity. Thirty days to discover the beautiful Kerry County and its surrounds. Thirty days to do nothing but discover and create art. I had a chance to paint in styles that are unusual for me. I loved the small town of Listowel, the beauty of river, the park and the coastal areas. I loved the warmth of the people and how they welcomed us into their lives. Thank you so much Olive for an experience of a life time.

Petra Pinn – Sydney Australia April 2019






Listowel Castle – Gouache – Matthew Jaffe

Matthew Jaffe – CA USA March 2019

A life changing experience. It was such a luxury to spend a month in Ireland and create art in a beautiful studio without feeling tethered to any of my day to day obligations back home. I left the residency inspired and excited. Olive was a wonderful host, and the local community was friendly and supportive. I highly recommend the residency to interested artists. I certainly hope to be back again.




My Irish Dad – Collage – Patty Carmody Smith

Patty Carmody Smith – MN USA October 2018

If you want to escape the well worn tracks of your routine, this experience is the best. From the resilient, sometime irreverent and always warm and welcoming residents of Listowel to the breathtaking scenery of the Wild Atlantic Way, your heart will be expanded and this can only help an artist. The studio and apartment are lovely and everything you could ever want is within walking distance. There is a wonderful Art Center in the square where we were able to see Cherish the Ladies and a production of Jane Eyre that was truly wonderful. Fresh scones, Irish butter and chowder rounded out my cultural experience. We stayed a few extra days to take part in the inaugural light festival and lantern parade which was so much fun and gave the last week there a real sense of community purpose. It was enlightening to see the hard work and dedication of the downtown business owners and the Tidy Town committee, they have so much love for their tidiest of towns.

City Hub – Mosaic – Cheri Sueker

Cheri Sueker – MN USA October 2018

Every artist has their own idea of what they want to accomplish for their residency. The highlight for me was taking part in the Festival of Light. There was a wonderful group of local folk working alongside me in the studio making lanterns for the parade. I thrived on all the busyness during that special time! I enjoyed meeting and interacting with the wonderful Irish people from Listowel most of all! I accomplished all that I ever imagined by being part of their community throughout this big event!

Lee Baumgarten NC USA  August 2018

Pray for our Souls – Silk – Denise Torrance

Denise Torrance – NC USA August 2018

The Olive Stack residency is one of the best reasons to go to Ireland! The residency affords you time to create a new body of work infused with the most amazing countryside and rich history of Ireland. Once you arrive you feel almost instantly connected to the culture, people, and are well on your way to building life-long lasting relationships. Everyone has a story to share with you if you take the time to listen. I cannot wait to come back and pick up where I left off and explore deeper into this amazing country.

St Michaels Rook – Oil – Diane Pike

Diane Pike – NC USA July 2018

Lucky me!
I found myself once again in Lovely Listowel for my second time as Artist In Residence at Olive Stack Gallery. This year I came in July and the month  was chock full of grand adventures in paint, travel to new locations, meeting new friends and rekindling friendships that I made in 2016. This artist residency is so perfect, that the selfish side of me wants to keep it all to myself. Once you come and experience it: the great apartment above the Olive Stack Gallery, the studio space where you can work nonstop if you so desire, nights of Window Theater, scones from Lynch’s Bakery, Lizzie’s Little Kitchen, Allo’s and Gapo’s for culinary delights, Pub Theater and Guinness at John B. Keane’s and a fabulous Friday Market in the Square where you can stock up on fresh vegetables, bread and Piogh’s Pies and a fresh cup of coffee from Kettle and Cup—then you will understand how easy it is to fall in love with Lovely Listowel. The people here are marvelous.
Olive Stack is the genius behind this Artist In Residency program which makes these month long excursions into paint possible. I am beyond humbled by her generosity, her spirit and love for Listowel and her friendship which will forever be a smile upon my heart and soul.
My memory bank is full of hedgerows giving a patchwork order to fields of vibrant green, of crumbling ruins that were once castles and friaries and churches reaching up to the sky through roofs no longer there. As an artist, being able to devote unlimited time to my art and the pursuit of finding the best new location to translate into paint and having the luxury to spend that time painting with friends—it is hard to put that into words.
I cannot wait to return—be it as a workshop instructor or as part of a plein air painting expedition or simply as a painter returning to paint with friends—I will be back.
Thank you, Olive!!!

Busy Listowel – Oil – Jean Cauthen

Jean Cauthen – NC USA  July 2018

There is not a single Olive Stack Artist who does not conclude their residency believing that the town of Listowel may be the most magical place on earth! The warmth of the residents, the beauty of the streets, surroundings and Olive herself serve as inspiration and balm for any creative spirit.
Artists reside in a cozy, beautifully appointed apartment situated above the gallery and in the center of the bustling town. One of the great joys of the month is to merely sit with a cup of tea overlooking the ‘small square,’ In this spot, dubbed “window theater,” you can watch as shops open and life bustles through the streets.
It has been my great fortune to be able to count many of those who bustle through as ‘good friends.’ None more than Olive herself.  Who is not only a good friend and travel buddy, but a wonderful painting buddy!
The luxury of having a month-long stay is the opportunity of working daily to grow your artwork.  As a plein air painter, every session of painting the streets of Listowel or the Cliffs of Ballybunion, builds on the previous session.  Upon return to the studio (part of the apartment), I can place the artwork on the ledge and see progression and clear areas to work on during the next painting session.  Also, with a month of work, I did not consider each work as precious, knowing I would be back that next day to have another ‘go’ at it.  With this, I felt free to take risks and try new approaches.
Because of the residency, Ireland and Listowel have become a part of my own yearly rhythms.  After three years of returning to Listowel, I must consider whether I teach, paint, tour, or simply ‘hang out’ with my -now-friends, is my only question.  Whether I return or not is not even a question.  This is what the Olive Stack Residency has meant to this little painter.
Thank you (again), Olive!

Mosaic – Mireille Swinnen

Mireille Swinnen – Belgium June 2018

I had never thought that spending a month away from my studio and home would be such a wholesome experience. But it was, for my art, for myself, for the reflection on past and future activities I had planned for myself, for inspiration, for widening my network with artists of other art forms, for balancing time and creativity and even catching up with administration. I have come to realize what toll running a business is taking on my creativity and what the true feeling of unlimited time and possibilities for creating feels like. The big challenge in future will be to find a better balance between the business of running a mosaic studio, the teaching and my artistic expression which had been totally neglected for a long long time. The comfort of doing it in sinc with an artist-friend and sharing the same passion for a whole month was an added bonus. I want more of that too. The way Olive Stack maintains a presence in her gallery and manages to liberate enough time for creating was a sheer inspiration to me. On top of that, the residency proves to be the perfect way to elaborate a vast network of artists that support and inspire each other. I will keep looking for alternative ways to make that possible for myself. Thank you Olive for leading the way and creating these residencies for us artists worldwide!!

Mosaic – Bonnie Len

Bonnie Len – CA USA June 2018

Having the opportunity for this residency at the Olive Stack Gallery was an amazing gift. The studio and apartment was so comfortable and very easy to work in. I came with no expectations of keeping to my glass work, thinking to broaden my horizons in a different medium, in a totally new environment. But honestly I felt so much at home that it soon became clear to me that I needed to focus on what I do best, and what I love, and that is to be a glass artist. Working in the studio with Mireille Swinnen helped me hone my smalti skills as well, and I came away with several drawings and pictures of local places to bring home with me for future work in glass. Along with living in this historic town, I also had the opportunity to meet many past Artists in Residence and participate in the First Listowel Visual Arts Festival, which was an unexpected bonus and a real joy. I truly loved every minute of my time in Listowel and cannot believe how fast the time went. The local people were so welcoming and friendly, and I felt at home from the first day. Olive provided the perfect experience for our residency, even though she was totally immersed in the Festival. I am hopeful that the Festival will return again next year, and I can contribute to it with new pieces. I feel so inspired and refocused on my work, and look forward to new creations. Thank you, Olive!!!

Birds – Mosaic – Jeannot Leenen

Jeannot Leenen – Belgium May 2018

The first time I heard that I was chosen I could not believe it. It all seemed so far away. I had to choose a partner and secretly I made plans how to spend my time in Lovely Listowel. I read the instructions on what was expected from me and I started planning what materials to take for the projects I had in mind. I mosaicked, I tried to integrate and I hope to have made friends.
The month passed too quickly, I will always remember the kindness, the concern of those I have met.
Thank you Olive, for spending all this time with me in the studio.
Thank you Ann for all the visits, for the evening spent with 450 cows and three adorable children.
Thank you Mary for all the breakfasts, the wit, the laughs, the dinner.
Thank you mama Olive for working with me in the studio, for the cakes, the lunches in the studio and that day in Ballybunion.
Thank you Damien and Damian, thank you Jim and John and Johnny.
And, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for inviting me back.

Mosaic – Kirsten Jonas

Kirsten Jonas – Germany May 2018

The residency at the Olive Stack Gallery was a life changing experience. The gallery itself is a wonderful place , the studio is big and full of light. An ideal place to work. The bedrooms as well as the living room and kitchen are so cosy, lovely furniture and Olives marvelous paintings decorate the walls. A place full of art which encourages you to be creative. Ireland is a place full of magic, history, amazing nature and the most incredible friendly people. Listowel is a gem and I felt comfortable at once. My time there was incredible, I loved every moment. Olive is so very talented and friendly and I love to remember our times sitting at the gallery window and chat. People came in and it felt like home very fast.
I really want to thank Olive for her kindness to offer this opportunity to other artists. A big hug to you and Mary and the other lovely people.


Pebble Mosaic – Kathleen Doody

Kathleen Doody – Canada Mar/Apr 2018

Living and creating at the Olive Stack Gallery as part of the residency programme has been a truly great experience. I have never before had a two-month period to devote to making my art, and I loved it. What seemed at the start to be potentially overwhelming tasks of setting up a studio suitable for the pebble mosaic process, along with developing a community mosaic project, turned out to be opportunities to discover beaches all over North Kerry bountiful with pebbles, new friends amazing in their kindness and generosity, work places with outstanding views, and involvement with the community that exceeded expectations. Special thanks to Olive, Johnny and Kerry County Council for their support.


Mixed Media – Alastair Dickson

Alastair Dickson – Canada Mar/Apr 2018

There can often be challenges in making art in a new place. Familiar materials and supplies are often not available. However, the studio and accommodation at Olive’s residency are so comfortable and conducive to the art making process that it doesn’t take long to get into the swing of things. I’ve really enjoyed my time in Listowel. It’s a friendly, welcoming place where people are interested in what you’re doing and why you’re here. Unless you are of a curmudgeonly demeanor you will love it here!



Wild Atlantic  – Jen Walls

Jen Walls – FL USA December 2017

This was my second residency with the Olive Stack Gallery, and it was beyond my wildest expectations! Christmas in Listowel is magical and beautiful…and the people are as sweet and wonderful as humans can be. During this particular residency, I was honored to collaborate on a coloring book for the Listowel North Pole Express, and to spend some time as an elf! The town was dressed up with coordinating shop windows – dreamy! My art was further influenced by touring the countryside during winter, seeing beauty in the wintery landscapes and rainbows everywhere. Several of my friends and family were able to visit this time, and each and every one of them left a little piece of their heart in Listowel. This residency changes lives! Mine is forever better. Thank you, Olive Stack! I cannot wait to return to my “home” in Ireland!!!


Reduction Cut Print – Lydia Aldredge

Lydia Aldredge WA USA October 2017

The month long residency at the Olive Stack Gallery was highly productive. The studio is large, well equipped and has abundant natural light. The setup with a bell ringing in the studio when a customer enters the gallery allowed me long uninterrupted stretches of time to work, but allowed me to interact with many locals and Irish tourists to Listowel. Olive Stack was very helpful in educating me about the beauty of County Kerry which allowed me to pursue my goal of creating a print series based upon the landscapes of Kerry. The month ended with a reception at the gallery to show my work that resulted in several sales.

Marian Shapiro Australia & Margo Anton Canada September 2017

We came with no specific aims, feeling instead that rather than having specific expectations that might prevent us from being open to new things, we would embrace the new and work with what was there.
The first week went very quickly, settling in to the studio and gallery and then the second week we took off to tour Kerry, as it was Race Week in Listowel and we were encouraged to get away.  At first it felt a bit like cheating, that we were on holiday rather than creating work, but the time away which showed us the stunning natural beauty of the Kerry countryside gave both of us a rich source of inspiration to create work when we returned to the studio.
And the pace is different here.  Work days were broken up with people dropping in for a chat, bringing us scones, pies and sausage rolls and a wealth of local knowledge.  A huge thank you to Olive and Listowel for giving us the gifts of time and friendship and the opportunity to create new work in a new environment.  We will be back.


Oil – Emily Andress

Emily Andress – NC USA  August 2017

This was our second time to be honored with this residency! We both thought there would be no way that this experience could top the first one but we were dead wrong. Besides the incredible friendliness of everyone in Listowel, there are never ending inspirational experiences to be had in County Kerry and beyond! My work was heavily influenced, once again, by Ireland and, especially, Listowel. The painting I have provided that was done during this residency embodies the history of Ireland and of the creativity that pours out of every corner.
Once you experience this residency and all it has to offer, you will understand why we needed to return.


Montbretia – Encaustic – Kerry Griffin

Kerry Griffin – NC USA  August 2107

I feel honored to have been one of the first artists to experience a residency at the Olive Stack Gallery in the magical town of Listowel, Ireland.
I am going back two years, but I have to say I was shocked about how nice the accommodations were for the visiting artists. You arrive to this marvelous town building situated on the main street of town. On the entry level you have a sleek and inviting art gallery, then above, the living quarters that exceeded our expectations by miles. We each had our own bedrooms, well stocked kitchen and a well lite, ample studio to work in.
The town of Listowel has the look of a quintessential, quaint European village. Everything is walkable, safe and inviting. I have never been surrounded by more warm and hospitable people in my whole life.
The area is breathtaking and you immediately are inspired to create. The greens of the hills, the blues and purples of the rapidly changing sky, the rainbow colors of the town buildings; make for joyful, artistic overload! This experience gave me the time I needed to be removed from my day to day responsibilities and distractions so I could really focus on creating work. The time was invaluable to help me experiment and to eventually create an award winning new encaustic series. I am incredibly grateful to Olive Stack and the town of Listowel for their friendship and hospitality.

Mosaic – Bonnie Fitzgerald

Bonnie Fitzgerald – Washington DC USA July 2017

Thank you Olive for the gift of time. July 2017 will forever be a memory that puts a smile on my face and warms my heart. My time in Ireland has been fulfilling, enlightening and reflective. The Olive Stack Gallery Residency provided a backdrop for creativity, education and rejuvenation. I will cherish the memories. There are not adequate words to describe the natural beauty of your country. The countless breathtaking landscapes of County Kerry and the Wild Atlantic Way are now indelible and moving images that will inspire me for years to come. Your hometown of Listowel quickly became my home, with a pace to life I am grateful to have been reminded of. Many American’s, myself included, live at a frenetic pace. What a pleasure to be reminded that is a lifestyle choice, not a mandate. I plan to incorporate a bit of the Listowel pace to my daily routine. The gift of time from you allowed me to wrestle with creative challenges and focus on creative pursuits long dogging me. I partnered with Kim Wozniak on the Residency, and what a great companion she proved to be. Our settling in was surprisingly challenging – we both work alone and sharing a studio space was a new experience. We spurred each other on to embrace the treasure of our time away from the trappings of our businesses knowing the work would come. And indeed it did. Although our work was a priority an unexpected opportunity to teach an Introduction to Mosaics class to a group of enthusiastic beginners presented itself, reminding me just how much I enjoy sharing my love of mosaics. Thank you Olive for this amazing opportunity and adventure.


Cliffs of Moher – Mosaic – Kim Wosniak

Kim Wosniak – WI USA July 2017

My work has always been an experiment, about the process and the not the final work, but in time I lost the experiment and mastered the process. Here I stepped back, settled in, and started experimenting and creating from a fresh place. Using past experiments in a new way, creating jewelry based on my larger fine art mosaics that contain familiar materials; concrete and mosaics. I look forward to learning more about the process and adding new metal working skills to expand this direction when I return home. On the bus to Listowel I felt like I was returning to the place I grew up. Small farms, green pastures littered with cows and fences lined with stones and brambles. A picture of my childhood in northern Wisconsin. All that was missing was the big red barns. In Listowel I found the community I grew up in, local pubs that welcome everyone, small shops that care about their customers and their products. A pace that was slow, caring and genuine. It’s a beautiful place where service and people are more important that profit and its ok if the store doesn’t open on time and if your wallet is short, you can come back later to pay. I miss that! It has been said and is quite true, “Ideas are nothing without execution.” Ideas reside in my head, sometimes for years while I manage the daily rush of life and never find the time to experiment, create and execute. At home I am an artist, but I am also the owner of two businesses, a web programmer, accountant, a nana, a mom and a sister. Finding time to create is always a challenge. Thanks to Olive, the residency and Bonnie Fitzgerald urging me to go, I was given the time to slow down, reset and create the things that have been only visions living in my imagination. I came with ideas and materials for things I thought I wanted to do but in the end, after settling in, it was those visions that rose to the surface and said it’s my time.

Serviceberry – Mosaic – John Sollinger

John Sollinger – OR USA June 2017

My expectations for this residency were set very high, having read the testimonials from the artists who came before me. I have not been disappointed, for, indeed, the rolling green countryside and spectacular ocean views are nearby; Listowel is an authentic, historic and vibrant town; the town folk are welcoming and good for many hearty laughs; the apartment is comfortable, roomy and modern, and Olive is thoughtful, generous and enabling. She would do most anything to make your stay productive and fun. Tending to customers at the gallery provides an opportunity to take breaks from working in the spacious and well-lit studio and to become acquainted with locals and visitors to Listowel.
I enjoy my first cup of coffee on the couch by the window overlooking the corner of Church and Williams Streets. “Street Theatre” is what the “three ladies” (Pam, Laura and Jean) called it. My first day overlapped with the trio. They acquainted me with the various peculiarities of the apartment’s appliances, such as the oven and dryer. More importantly, they jump-started the joy I found in the town folk of Listowel. They introduced me to John B.’s pub. Although I drank a Guinness at several pubs in Listowel, John B.’s has been my favorite. Patrons there know about the artist residency and welcome visiting artists to their table. Mary O Flaherty, who works at the Chic Boutique across the street from Olive’s gallery, brought me goodies to eat several times, cooked a delicious dinner at Olive’s house, and frequently allowed me to join her for a light breakfast at Lynch’s Bakery & Coffee Shop, and always sent me away with a hearty laugh. Her wit and kindness will never be forgotten. Ann and her children stopped by several times, once to bring me an apple pie, which I devoured in no time. Other friends of Olive, like Damian and Jonny, stop by to say “hi-ya” and offer to take me on excursions. Jonny took Olive and me on a loop tour of N. Kerry County, which was lovely in views and intent. So, although I came alone, I did not feel lonely for long.
I managed to complete two small mosaics; the second was in the delightful company of Olive, who tried my technique on a rendering of her own painting, and it has turned out beautifully. It has been a pleasure and honor to reside in Listowel at Olive’s gallery, studio and apartment and to have become a member of this growing family of artists. Thank you, Olive! John (Solly) Sollinger Oregon USA June 2017

Entering Listowel – Oil – Jean Cauthen

Jean Cauthen – NC USA  May 2017

A young mother named Ann, on her daily car runs through Listowel to courier her children to school, stopped to pick up a scone and two American painters and deliver us to a nearby farm. It was her family farm that provided limitless subject matter for us, the two artists. She lent bright pink wellies so that her lovely husband, David, taking time from his work could tour us around the beautiful fields with their black and white cows. After painting for a few hours, we perched on a hill and unpacked the glorious lunch Ann had assembled for us. The scones, salads, chocolates and even a bottle of wine. Afterward, we piled back into the car with baby Nora to go back to our sweet apartment in Listowel. On this, my second residency at Olive Stack Gallery, I could relay a hundred other small, glorious stories that we (Pam, Laura and I) would refer to as magic moments. Stories of random encounters and return visits to places like Ardfert, places I had seen, but not painted the first time around. Coincidences that turn into opportunities. All this while renewing friendships with the people of Listowel and reuniting with good friend, Olive Stack.
Our first residency last year was so transformative that we determined we would bring students with us on this trip. Each student took away stories of their own magic moments in Ireland. All of these 19 individuals, including us, changed forever. This magic would only be possible because of the Olive Stack Gallery Residency.
I don’t know the full impact on my art. But it will come through in the next year of creating. Heart and soul can’t be affected so deeply without appearing in every brushstroke. I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Olive and thank you to my co-residents, Laura Hitchcock and Pam Goode.

Below the Road – Oil – Laura Hitchcock

Laura Hitchcock – SC USA May 2017

The strangest thing happened to me when I returned to lovely Listowel this year. I felt as if I’d come home. You hear about this phenomenon when talking to people about this town. You even read about it. But to actually feel it myself was the most incredible feeling! As soon as we drove into town, people that we’d become friends with last year began to show up, give us hugs and welcome us back. I told my family it feels as if I know more people in Listowel than I do in my own home town! Needless to say, we were thrilled to be back. I cannot express my gratitude to Olive for providing the space and time for artists like me to create their work unencumbered with the daily ins and outs of our regular lives and I am especially grateful to her for letting me come a second time. Last year we decided to do a workshop and bring other people to Listowel so that they could experience just a little of what we did while we were here. This year that workshop became a reality…and the town of Listowel went above and beyond to welcome each of the participants as they had us. The group was given a reception by the town, complete with the mayor’s visit! What other town does that? We more than accomplished our goal! Every one of the 16 people that came with our group wants to come back! And all because Olive Stack had an incredible idea, acted on it and began a most fabulous opportunity for artists right here in lovely town of Listowel, Ireland…land of the Wild Atlantic Way, green hills, and the friendliest people I’ve ever known. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to make my art here, in this very special spot in Ireland. It has changed me for the better. It has opened in me the knowledge that with one little decision, life can offer infinite possibilities to move you forward. I think my art has opened up as well. I am looking forward to what this last visit will bring to my work after I get home. And I look forward to coming back again! Laura Hitchcock SC USA May 2017

Irish Skies – Mosaic – Pamela Goode

Pamela Goode – NC USA May 2017

My time in Listowel as Artist in Residence at Olive Stack Gallery has enriched my life more than I can adequately express. The land, the sea, the sky, and most of all the people are so present, so rich, so exuberant and endlessly giving. It will be an honor to spend the rest of my life trying to emulate the warmth and graciousness of quite literally everyone I’ve met, the power of the sea racing toward cliffs littered with wildflowers, the gentleness of skies that billow and change hundreds of times in a day. The natural beauty of town and wood and beach has stimulated my imagination exponentially, and I can’t produce work fast enough to match the visions that circle me daily. Fortunately I have enough memories (and photographs) to keep me going for many moons once I return home. For that and for Olive’s always-supportive encouragement and grace, I am endlessly grateful. Pamela Goode NC USA May 2017

Guinea Hen – Acrylic – Staci Swider

Staci Swider – GA USA April 2017

Having time to focus solely upon making art and freeing up my mind away from the trappings of daily home life was by far the most valuable aspect of my residency. I enjoyed getting to know the people of the village on a more intimate level than one might expect on a short holiday moving from one town to another. I will say that the initial week or so was frustrating. I didn’t anticipate the mental and emotional toll that being in a new environment would have upon my art making. If I could give anyone advice who is embarking on this type of journey it is to give yourself some grace and allow yourself to settle in before thinking about making art. I think our expectations are so high from the anticipation of this incredible opportunity that we can put too much pressure on ourselves to perform right out of the gate. Art is an emotional journey, or at least should be, and that takes time.

Cloud Festival – Lillie Morris

Lillie Morris – GA USA Apr 2017

This is my second residency with Olive Stack Gallery. As with my first experience, the month-long residency went by very quickly and each week was replete with memorable experiences! Being primarily a studio painter, I had no problem working in the studio while managing the responsibilities of the gallery. The schedule of running the gallery along with free days for excursions each week gives you plenty of opportunity to see the surrounding countryside. Listowel’s proximity to Ireland’s western coast is also a major ‘plus’….the rugged west coast…known as ‘The Wild Atlantic Way’ is the most beautiful in all of Irelandl!! The apartment and studio facilities are very comfortable and more than adequate. I conducted two workshops during my residency…One observation: Based on my previous experience in Listowel it seems that the number of workshops offered by visiting artists may have reached a saturation point to some extent…..I suppose art enthusiasts can only manage/afford just so many workshops. But, I still thoroughly enjoyed the two small classes I held. Spending an extended time with the locals leaves you with some great memories that otherwise wouldn’t happen and at the same time deepens their appreciation for the work of the visiting artists!! My best advice to artists considering this residency is to come with an open mind and an open heart and allow the charm of Ireland, specifically Lovely Listowel, to broaden your perspective and bring your artistry to a new level.


Metal Sculpture – Amy Hart

Amy Hart – NC USA March 2017

Working and living in Listowel has been an extremely rewarding experience. I work with found metal objects to create representational and abstract sculpture. What I found on the month long journey is how generous people are helping me find materials to create with. These are the new friends I will miss the most.


‘Linoleum Prints – Caroline Brown

Caroline Brown – NC USA March 2017

Thank you Olive, for the chance to live creatively in Ireland for a whole month. The people, the landscape, the history and the spirit of Listowel have charmed and inspired me every day I’ve been here. And because it’s been a challenge to work without my usual studio tools, I feel like I’ve learned a lot in getting back to basics of printmaking design and lino printing by hand. I appreciate the time that I have had here as a respite, a gift and a blessing.

Carol Shelkin – PA USA November 2016

Little did I know that I would be so warmly welcomed in this town where the smiles, directions and friendly greetings are all permitted.


Photography – Phoenix

Phoenix – FL USA October 2016

I loved every moment… sunny days, cold days, soft days. I loved Listowel and the gracious and compassionate people I met and became friends with. I loved your customers.  I loved the tours I was able to take seeing the varied and beautiful landscapes in some five counties. I loved my photography students and doing the workshops.


Tidy Town – Jonathan Grauel

Jonathan Grauel – NC USA Sept 2016

I sang and drank with folks who were anything but strangers. I dined on lovingly prepared meals all washed down with pints of cheer and laughter





Olive Stack Blue -Oil – Diane Pike

Diane Pike – NC USA August 2016

My Magical Month of Dreams…It’s hard to put into words how a month as an Artist in Residence at Olive Stack Gallery in Lovely Listowel, Ireland has impacted me. Having never “crossed the Pond” before, a whole new world awaited me. I was a voyager and I was headed for my Dream.The Gallery is beautiful. The front is painted the fabulous Olive Stack Blue. Upstairs are two spacious bedrooms, two full baths, a kitchen, a studio, laundry —very helpful when you are packing! Just bring enough clothes for a week. Then you will have plenty of room for the real necessities of life—your art supplies. And did I mention the enormous studio with windows and skylights?  What is not to love? The people of Listowel are welcoming, genuine, polite, warm hearted and eager to see your art and hear of your exploits. And then there is the landscape. The light in Ireland affects color in a most magical way. And if you can capture that moment in paint—-then you will know the real meaning of living the dream.
And then there is Olive. An incredibly gifted artist and generous individual who has opened up her world to include artists from other places. What she offers us as Artists in Residence is the opportunity to see a glorious country full of greenery and crazy clouds performing swirling dances through the sky, ancient ruins of Abbeys and Castles and stone walls, and the magic of living in a place for 4 weeks where an artist can immerse themselves completely and with wild abandon.
Thank you Olive, for this amazing gift you have given me. It has changed me and for that, I am truly Grateful.

Sive Walk – Watercolour -Jen Walls

Jen Walls – FL USA August 2016

Brilliant!  Mad!  Class!  After an immersive month in Listowel, even the adjectives I use to describe the residency reflect the influence of the most magical place on earth.  There is an exquisite charm to this town and its people – a realness unlike anything else.  It is impossible to paint here for 30 days without being profoundly changed.  With this innovative program, Olive Stack has created more than an opportunity to travel, tour and create.  She has provided artists with a second home, another family, and a glimpse of the way life can be lived when all the right ingredients are there.  I will take home more than a new body of work…a piece of Ireland will be forever in my heart and in my art.

Olives for Olive – Collage – Lillie Morris

Lillie Morris – GA USA July 2016

I knew a full year in advance that I’d be spending July of 2016 as Artist in Residence at Olive Stack Gallery in Listowel.  I’m no stranger to Listowel, as I have visited the town numerous times in the past, but given the fact that I’d be living and working as one of Listowel’s ‘very own’ I anticipated this experience would be quite distinctive from my other visits and my intuition was right on target!! As I told Olive on more than one occasion, my expectations for the month of July were exceeded in every regard! Olive’s warm welcome and her hospitality set the tone for the entire month. The workshops, the day-to-day running of the gallery, my exhibition, interactions with Olive’s clientele and my weekend excursions were all uncommonly pleasant and memorable experiences! Olive Stack Gallery, with it’s beautiful apartment and well appointed studio, is literally in the heart of the town making it impossible to feel you’re getting a peripheral view of Listowel.  No, you’re situated at the apex of a remarkable community made up of exceptional people…. Olive Stack being one of them! Many thanks Olive for a truly outstanding month!

Mosaic – Pamela Goode

Paela Goode – NC USA June 2016

My month in Ireland not only introduced me to a land of striking natural beauty, but showed me that genuine and true people do exist. My perspective and soul will never be the same. Pamela Goode NC USA Artist in Residence June 2016








Cnoc an Oir – Oilo – by Laura Hitchcock

Laura Hitchcock – SC USA May/June 2016

Words honestly cannot describe the impact Olive, her family and friends, the town of Listowel and Ireland herself had on me. I grew in so many ways, personally and artistically. I found my curiosity and sense of humor, my spontaneity and best of all, my courage. It’s funny how a person can go along and one day make a decision that changes their life forever. That’s what living in Ireland and more importantly, participating in Olive’s Residency in Listowel, did for me. I found the girl that I used to be a long time ago and now that she’s back I’ll never let her go. As a result, my art grew exponentially. Each day was filled with painting or an adventure. The ability to paint all day, every day and not be distracted by “real life” was truly a decadent, powerful affirmation for me as an artist. I am grateful to the town of Listowel for opening their hearts to us. Everyone made us feel so welcome, which is a gift I will treasure always. Most of all, I am profoundly grateful to Olive for having the vision and determination to put this program out into the world to give artists time and space to create and grow. Fair play, Olive…fair play!

William St Listowel – Oil – Jean Cauthen

Jean Cauthen – NC USA May 2016

How to describe?? For this painter, the month began as so many wild and wonderful threads.  Each thread represented a different, new element to experience: the lively town with its mosaic of storefronts, it’s cultural heritage, it’s friendly (and witty!) residents, the unpredictable nature of Ireland, the sweet apartment above the shop, and the gentle, creative temperament of Olive. These threads wove a rich tapestry that changed the way I saw the world, how I painted, and left me determined to return to lovely Listowel.  Thank you, Olive Stack, for the time, the space, the place and the friendship! Thank you, for this life-changing experience–a tapestry  I will wrap myself in for a very long time.


Mosaic – Heather Vollans

Heather Vollans – Canada April 2016

The Olive Stack Gallery experience has been one fabulous month of meeting warm, amazing people, touring this beautiful island and then a rare opportunity to focus on my own art for several hours a day!  Listowel is a very friendly town and you are made to feel so welcome – by the time you have to leave, you don’t want to!!  When can I come again please Olive? Heather Vollans Canada Artist in Residence April 2016


Encaustic – Sheary Clough Suiter

Sheary Clough Suiter CO USA March 2016

I had always wanted to live in another country, experience another culture besides America for longer than a vacation provides. The month-long artist residency at Olive Stack Gallery in Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland was the perfect way to do this. An English speaking country, I could read signage, so that made for an easier immersion than a non-English speaking locale. Ireland is a fascinating country and the town of Listowel is quaint, kind, cheerful, and fun! I’m grateful for the many opportunities the residency provided to connect with the community. I got a library card, attended weekly events at St. John’s Art Centre, learned about Listowel’s history at the Seanchai Centre, shopped for bargains at the local “charity” shops, and enjoyed “sessions” at the local pubs. As an artist, I received untold benefits and an explosive creativity boost, all generated by the immersion into a new studio setting, with the meeting of new art collectors and students, as well as the beauty and brilliance of the Irish land and seascapes.

Irish Ruin – Watercolour – Nard Claar

Nard Claar – CO USA March 2016

I was an artist in residence in Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland, how fun that was. I got a place to live and a connected artist community. Listowel is a small town, easy to get around and meet people. Some of my favorites, Olive is wonderful, Mary across the street, Vicar Joe at St. John’s, and Tom at the Seanchai Center. I took walks every morning before I opened shop and went to the pub almost every evening. There is a nice selection of pubs in town. On days off I often rented a car so I took the bus to Tralee, picked up a car and was back in about an hour. Then my 3 days off I was free to roam, taking hikes, going to the coast and some of the wonderful peninsulas. The area is great for exploring by bicycle with courteous drivers and wonderful scenery. I am not just a tourist but working and teaching workshops. I am not visiting but living in Ireland. This is a great and fun opportunity to enjoy a wonderful country.

Pebble Mosaic – Deb Aldo

Deb Aldo – CT USA Oct/Nov 2015

The best part of 2015 was being in Ireland for a month- Finding this opportunity was like winning the lottery. Getting the residency was very exciting but not half as much as actually being in Listowel at the Olive Stack Gallery. Olive came to meet me when I arrived, helped me settle in and showed me around.  The proximity of gallery, apartment, studio all in one space was wonderful. The town was lovely as were the people. The opportunity to explore County Kerry several days a week yielded an amazing variety of excursions, sight seeing and people watching. I came alone and left with friends, a great appreciation of Irish culture and knowing that Olive and I will stay in touch for years to come and the opportunity to experiment with my work rather than working on commission. I will get back there as soon as is possible. To all of you coming in, get ready for a wonderful experience.

Olive Stack – Oil – Emily Andress

Emily Andress – NC USA August 2015

The point of a residency is to get an artist out of their environment so that they can stretch and grow.  After this residency at Olive Stack Gallery, I feel a new energy concerning my work and was continuously inspired by the people and landscape surrounding me for the entire month.  I feel as though I have only scratched the surface and plan on applying again for another month!
The accommodations are exemplary and the studio space was wonderful to work in although I found myself wanting to paint down in the gallery as well so I could continue to work as I fulfilled my obligations to run the gallery. The rush of creativity I felt while there has not diminished since returning home.  This was exactly the shot in the arm I needed to push myself further.
Getting to know Olive was a huge benefit to this as well.  It is always beneficial to meet new artists and share ideas.  Olive is extremely talented and also very intelligent to have created this residency.  It is a win win situation!I had only been to Dublin for 3 days before setting off to Ireland for the month.  Listowel is a hot bed of talent and creativity.  It is everywhere and takes on all forms.  To truly squeeze the most out of the residency, it is imperative to get out there and meet these creative people and share their art whether it is through going to poetry readings, seeing a production at St John’s Theatre, or listening to Irish music at a pub.  It will all inform your creativity.  County Kerry itself is stunning and should be explored.

Tippy Toes – Encaustic – Kerry Griffin

Kerry Griffin – NC USA August 2015

When I started on this adventure I had no idea what to expect from a month long residency in Ireland. I knew it would be an amazing opportunity, but I had no idea how it would affect me as an artist and as a person. My work has taken on a rich new texture and feel. I became inspired and excited to try new techniques and mediums. It was the type of experience all artist needs every so often to keep their work fresh and interesting.
Along with positive professional benefits, I was shocked how this experience changed me as a person. Being submerged in the town of Listowel and being surrounded by the positive, supportive and generous people of the town made me want to rise to their standards and touch other people’s lives as they touched mine. I returned home with a greater appreciation of how wonderful people can be. I was reminded that if you put out positive you will receive it back in spades. I am renewed and happier. I look forward to returning to Olive Stack Gallery and the town of Listowel, as an artist I need that kind of happy place. This experience was so overwhelmingly positive, I loved every minute.